K-Drama Couch Recap: “Arthdal Chronicles” Episode 5

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The thirst for power heightens the ambition of Tagon in episode 5 of Arthdal Chronicles.

Still unsuccessful in being a “dream” to Wahan tribe, Eunseom stumbles on Tagon’s secret that would make or break his intention to save his tribe.

Arthdal Chronicles

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While the viewership ratings are still not breaking the double-digit mark for Arthdal Chronicles, the series still topped the most talked-about drama in terms of online presence.

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 5 Recap

Tagon’s Secret

Reaching the marketplace’ tower, Tagon faces off Eunseom. Moving to attack, Eunseom is bewildered as Tagon moves to a different target. A decoy wearing San Woong’s cape. From the darkness, the Arthdal leader dishearteningly proves his son’s ill-fated intention.

As Eunseom demands for San Woong to fulfill the end of his bargain to free Wahan tribe, Tagon also pleads for his father to join hands with him. With two hands reaching out to him, San Woong heads to the window as Tagon blows a fatal attack to his father.

Shocked at the sight of a son killing his father, Eunseom evades Tagon’s attack and escapes to the woods feeling hopeless. Just then, the moonlight reflects purple blood on his clothing – blood that is not his.


Tagon’s unfathomable dream

Declaring Eunseom to be the murderer of Tagon, the death of San Woong has had the people of Arthdal punished the members of Wahan tribe brutally. The surviving members are jailed, and await execution as decisioned by Tagon.

Realizing he still has a chance to save Wahan tribe, Eunseom moves to a new plan. Meanwhile, Tagon goes to Taealha to find solace owing to the long day he had. Breaking his silence, he reveals the death of his father and finds comfort in Taealha’s arms.

Eunseom’s Plan

Rushing to the hideout that Chae Eun gave him, Eunseom demands where Tagon lives. But Chae Eun confronts him of his involvement to San Woong’s death.

Chiding on his fugitive state, Eunseom promises her that he knows of Tagon’s secret. At that same moment, Tagon also reveals to Taealha that the dujumsaeng knows his identity as Igutu.

The three heavenly objects

After finding the byeoldaya, Mubaek heads to the secret cave of White Peak Mountain. He speaks with Asa Sakan to seek wisdom. Relaying an event told by the stars the night before, the revered high priestess orders him to help the man, who killed his father in Arthdal. Explaining how he is set to compete against the three heavenly objects deemed to destroy Arthdal.

Arthdal legend says that the world was created through cheonbuin – three heavenly objects; the sword, the bell and the sword. The same objects will also destroy Arthdal together.

Mubaek also learns that the byeoldaya kept in the White Peak mountain is a replica, proving descendants of Asa Sin could have been members of Wahan tribe.

Arthdal Chronicles

The aftermath of San Woong’s death

Surmising on the fate of his secret, Taealha makes Tagon feel better by pointing out how the dujeumsaeng (Eunseom), who lives outside Arthdal might not be aware of what an Igutu means. Hence, worrying about it is futile.

Over at Hae tribe, Mihol orders his men to look for Taealha just as Danbyeok arrives. They agree to look for Eunseom to find out the truth about San Woong’s death. Not convinced on Mihol’s excuse about his daughter, Danbyeok also sends people to look for her.

Pressed with Arthdal’s situation without any leader, Mihol meets Asa Ron to lay down the cards of Tagon’s ambitious plans.

At the same moment, Tagon meets Danbyeok to ask permission so he can lead the ollimsani for their father. Point blank, Danbyeok asks if his brother killed their father to which Tagon evades easily. He cites how it is Danbyeok he wants to kill so he can win their father’s favor.

Weighing the talks he had with Mihol and his brother, Danbyeok is crossed on whose side to believe in, after learning from Tagon how Mihol used Taealha as a spy and dagger to widen the gap between San Woong and Tagon.

Tagon’s Ollimsani

Feeling hopeless, the Wahan tribe members receive the news of their execution. Blaming Tanya for bringing in Eunseom, the leader of the tribe declares they will choke each other to death so they won’t get beheaded. That would let their spiritual journey to meet the god they worship possible.

At the news of Tagon performing ollimsani, Asa Ron, Mihol and Danbyeok head to where he is. Rebuking his action, Tagon escapes Asa Ron’s admonition by acting possessed by the spirit of Aramun Haesulla. Complete with fireflies surrounding him, the people of Arthdal marvel at the sight of the vessel the god they serve.

Worried about their plans, Taealha gets surprised when Eunseom approaches him. He leaves a message for Tagon to meet him along with a piece of cloth bearing Tagon’s blood.

Jang Dong Gun

Episode 5 Afterthoughts

Nearing the first season finale week, Arthdal Chronicles steadily draws its direction while unraveling mysteries that keeps the thrill of its drama vibrant and escalating.

Will Eunseom prove that he is not Tanya’s curse? Will Tagon and Taealha succeed with their plan to reign over Arthdal?

Arthdal Chronicles airs on tvN and Netflix every Saturday and Sunday.