K-Drama Couch Recap: “Arthdal Chronicles” Episode 6

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Ahead of the first season finale week, Arthdal Chronicles shed light on the “children of prophecy”.

With power contention in full swing for the remaining leaders, Arthdal Chronicles seal the corners of the thrilling conflicts to be tackled by its characters.

Arthdal Chronicles

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Delineating the roles of the characters moving in the story, the fantasy elements of the series strengthen the plot. The heroes are heading to join forces, with the villains doing exactly the same. Some critical roles of the characters would either propel the declared destruction prophecy of Arthdal Union.

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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Tagon’s Ruse

Marveling at the heavenly sight of Tagon, the people kneel down and acknowledge the warrior’s declaration. He faints and wakes up to no recollection of what just happened.

Coming from his visit at the White Mountain, Mubaek questions his brother about not protecting San Woong. He further remarks how the fatal wound of the dead Arthdal leader cannot be done by a dujumsaeng. But Mubaek’s driver is blinded by his loyalty to Tagon.

While the people rejoice on Tagon’s new feat, he arrives at Taealha’s hideout who handed the cloth bearing his blood. Delivering the warning of not hurting Wahan tribe members, he asks to meet at a rendezvous point.

Tanya’s bravery

Surmising on his fate, Taealha steps up to wake Tagon up. She advises him to meet him and kill him for good. Deducing someone might be helping Eunseom, Tagon replies how that someone could probably know his secret.

Meanwhile, Wahan tribe reaches the point of resorting to kill each other since they are soon to be beheaded. But, Tagon arrives to stop it from happening, complying to Eunseom’s warning. He goes to the prison holding the tribe and asks for a person who can give information about Eunseom.

Ranting about the things Eunseom has been doing when he hasn’t set foot yet on Arthdal. Aiming to give him a fatal blow, Tanya gets strangled by Tagon but stops midway saying he can’t harm the members of Wahan tribe. She shares with the tribe of how Eunseom has probably cut a deal with Tagon.

Taealha’s note

Ordering her servant to be captured, Taealha uses a note that will draw doubts against Danbyeok to Mihol. Requesting Danbyeok to arrest Tagon, Mihol gets a refusal and heads straight to Asa Ron.

Meanwhile, Tagon meets Eunseom at the last place they’ve been in. Freeing himself from being tied on a chair, Tagon explains how he is stronger than humans.

Exchanging verbal spats, Eunseom promises to rescue his tribe as Tagon vows to hunt him down and kill him.

Arthdal Chronicles

The Fortress of Fire

Unbeknownst to Tagon, the Wahans were transported to the Fortress of Fire. In the morning, the search for Eunseom escalates as Mihol sends a message that the Wahans will be killed if he does not show up.

Chae Eun tells Eunseom about the announcement. After learning about Tagon’s enemies and how Arthdal people build connections, he states that he is going to meet Mihol so he can give him a weapon to defeat Tagon.

Tanya’s first dream

Confirming the Wahans were really transported, Tagon spots the clue that Tanya left. He orders his men that they will head to the Fortress of Fire.

Pondering on the situation in Arthdal, Mubaek contemplates on the situation knowing the events that had just happened in Arthdal. Knowing Eunseom’s connection to Aramun Haesulla, following the instruction from the revered mother and knowing Tagon’s crime as well as Wahan tribe’s lineage puts him on a spot.

At night, Tanya makes her first dream with a man, who resembles Eunseom wearing white with a gemstone necklace. At that same moment, Eunseom meets Mihol’s right hand, who leads the former to the Fortress of Fire.

Daekan warriors also arrive at the Fortress of Fire and start breaking down the gates. Escorted inside the hall to a prison, Mihol, Asa Ron, Danbyeok and their men await Tagon’s men.

The sword, the bell and the mirror

Demanding to retrieve the Wahans, Asa Ron remarks how they take hold of the Wahans to get to the bottom of San Woong’s death. Tagon counters it by revealing Mihol’s plan to poison him. Asa Ron orders for Tagon to be arrested, but Danbyeok sides with his brother. Reversing the situation, Asa Ron and Mihol are put on the spot so the latter creates a diversion cutting the lights in the hall.

The ensuing riot has had the leader of Wahan tribe freeing the members of their connection to the tribe. Saving their lives, they go separate ways just as Eun Seom finds two of them in the brink of death with a Daekan warrior.

Mubaek learns of Eunseom’s altercation and runs to where he is. Finding a secret door, Tanya climbs up to a tower where she finds the exact picture of Eunseom’s dream. Inside the room, she also meets a man who looks exactly like Eunseom.

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Afterthoughts

I’ve been watching Korean dramas for such a long time, and I really have to give it to Arthdal for its neat narrative. I was closed to even writing something to defend the allegations of its originality. Having a historical fantasy framework in epic story narration was truly ambitious. Not to mention risky in the age when epic stories are widely associated with GOT hype.

Arthdal Chronicles has been clear with its message about human greed prevalent at the dawn of expanding civilization. It even gives off a retrospective nudge on how destructive ambition is to human. Also, how simplifying life gives you inner peace as projected by the Wahans.


Arthdal Chronicles

While the modern way of living gives Arthdal people convenience, it generates negativity owing to unequal distribution of power. In contrast, living to what nature can provide, albeit simple conflicts, the Wahans live harmoniously and talk it out genuinely, without ulterior motives, when a problem presents itself in the tribe.

How Arthdal Chronicles was able to squeeze in the big cast to its swiftly moving story while keeping the supporting cast role matter is a laudable feat. Moreover, a weekly trip of unraveling its story takes you to a satisfying journey, with ample impetus to look forward to the heroes and villains of Arthdal Chronicles.

Will the “children of prophecy” bring forth Arthdal’s destruction?

Don’t miss the finale week of Arthdal Chronicles “Children of Prophecy” arc on tvN. You can watch it an hour after its Korean broadcast on Netflix.

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