“At A Distance Spring Is Green” Impressively Marked Trending Drama Lists + Interview With Lead Stars

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Brimming with encouraging lessons for young people, At A Distance Spring is Green made its final bow with lingering lessons!

The finale of iQiyi’s hit Korean drama At a Distance, Spring is Green has stirred up heated discussions. Park Ji-hoon, who debuted with Wanna One, starred as the male lead of a drama on a public broadcasting channel. With his “Wink Boy” charisma, he swept the Southeast Asian market away with two consecutive dramas. It has been almost a year since the broadcast of Love Revolution in September 2020.

He continues to maintain his charm and lands himself on the ranking charts with his popularity. In his new drama At a Distance, Spring is Green, he partnered up with Kang Min Ah, who shot to stardom with True Beauty, and Bae In-hyuk, whose popularity skyrocketed due to My Roommate is a Gumiho. This trio got “At a Distance, Spring is Green” on South Korea’s Trending Dramas List and the Top Ten Trending Drama Keywords List five weeks in a row.

Furthermore, after broadcasting on iQIYI in 191 countries and regions, the drama even made it to the top three in Southeast Asia within three weeks, proving its domestic and international popularity. In the drama’s finale, Park Ji-hoon finally escapes from the claws of his abusive father and Bae In-hyuk reveals that there is someone he likes, making the audience rejoice.

When Park Ji-hoon, Kang Min-ah, and Bae In-hyuk accepted an interview from iQiyi, Park Ji-hoon and Kang Min-ah showed off their chemistry as the male and female leads. The bungee jumping scene in the first episode left a deep impression on Park Ji-hoon. He revealed that he filmed the scene himself and it only took one take.

“I like feeling the thrill, so I actually wanted to jump a few more times. It was a pity I could only jump once. Due to my weight, I had to jump while hugging a doll, but it was a lot heavier than I thought. It also looked a lot like a real person, so it was very scary.”

Kang Min-ah expressed that after plucking up the courage to bungee jump for the first time, she realized it was not as terrifying as she expected. This made her understand the truth in the words. “You will never know until you try.” However, she suddenly changed her stance and said, “But I don’t think I’ll ever try it again.”

Park Jihoon’s Confession

Park Ji-hoon and Kang Min-ah both debuted as child stars. Due to this, Park Ji-hoon never experienced regular student life. He made a rare confession.

“I’ve been working in the entertainment industry ever since I was young, so I don’t actually have many friends I am close and comfortable with.”

Therefore, he truly resonated with his character Yeo Joon in “At a Distance, Spring is Green”, who is popular but barely has any close friends. Yeo Joon’s character is happy on the outside but also has a hidden dark side. These two contrasting personalities make him seem two-faced, which was the main reason that attracted

Park Ji-hoon to accept this role. He admitted that he had a hard time when he first started filming the drama. Eventually, he was able to immerse into the character and worked hard to perform and naturally express his emotions.”

Speaking of romance in student life, Bae In-hyuk experiences love on campus in his recent works. Compared to Gye Sun-woo, who aggressively chases after Hye-ri in My Roommate is a Gumiho, he prefers to be like the aloof Nam Soo-hyun in At a Distance, Spring is Green.

“It’s because Soo-hyun always sacrifices and gives up everything for his family. He rarely thinks of himself and is very pitiful, so I hope he can live for himself one day and let both his mind and body be at ease.”

In real life, if a girl always finds excuses to avoid him like in “My Roommate is a Gumiho”, he will question himself, wondering if he has done something wrong. This would put a burden on him, so he would never aggressively go after her.

All the episodes of the Korean drama At a Distance, Spring is Green are available on iQiyi. Viewers around the world can watch it on iQiyi International app or iQ.com.

PR Source: iQiyi

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