Netflix Film “Ballerina” To Unleash Ruthless Revenge

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Returning to the film industry, director Lee Choong Hyun and Jeon Jong Seo reunite in the Netflix movie, Ballerina.

Netflix affirms the production of Ballerina, directed by Lee Choong Hyun and starring Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Ji Hoon, and Park Yu Rim.

Ballerina is a Netflix movie that narrates the story of beautiful and merciless revenge. It begins with Ok-ju, a former bodyguard, who exacts a vengeance plan for her most precious friend.

Following the success of director Lee Choong Hyun’s movie The Call, this upcoming follow-up is a modern and sophisticated follow-up.

Considering The Call exemplified the thriller genre’s fun, unique characters, and sensuous directing, it provided a welcome shock to the Korean film industry, presenting a single action and visual.

Meet The Cast

After their previous work, Jeon works with Director Lee again. They will demonstrate another transformation in Ballerina as the actress portrays Ok-ju. She is a former bodyguard who is able to do self-defense, swordsmanship, firearms, or even rides a bike.

Kim Ji Hoon then portrays Choi Pro, the target of revenge. Choi Pro is in direct conflict with Ok-ju as a tall man with an ideal figure and a brilliant mind.

Additionally, Jeon and Kim tease their second collaboration, following the Netflix series Money Heist: Korea, and speculate on the chemistry they will display in Ballerina.

Besides that, Park Yu Rim will embrace the role of Min-hee, who seeks help from Ok-ju for revenge. Park is a rookie actress who earned a name for herself with Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car.

She received an award for the International Feature Film Award at the 94th Academy Awards. Viewers anticipate her winning their hearts as Min-hee, a character with diametrically opposed tastes and charms to Ok-ju.

Finally, all-round musical artist GRAY (Gray), who can produce, write lyrics, compose, as well as rap and sing, serves as a music director.

GRAY will be joining the production as well, as he has previously collaborated with Netflix through the Netflix series Hellbound and D.P.

Source: jTBC News