“Black Knight” Marks Exclusive Launch Date On Netflix

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Netflix series Black Knight is set to make its worldwide premiere on May 12th!

The series follows the journey of refugee Sa-wol, and the legendary deliveryman 5-8, as he takes on the all-powerful Cheonmyeong Group in a dystopian portrayal of Korea devastated by severe air pollution, making it uninhabitable without an oxygen mask.

Adapted from a widely acclaimed webtoon, Black Knight narrates the story of black knights, the delivery men who endanger their lives to transport essentials to people in a polluted and dystopian world, where strict social hierarchy is enforced.

Starring Kim Woo-bin as the legendary delivery man and knight 5-8, the show has garnered significant enthusiasm from fans worldwide. Kim Woo-bin expressed, “I felt immense happiness while filming this series, and I sincerely hope that our collective efforts resonate with the viewers, and they too relish every moment of it, just as I did.”

The show features an impressive cast, including Song Seung Heon, who portrays the lone heir to the Chunmyung Group, Kang You-seok, who plays a young boy idolizing 5-8, and Esom, who stars as a major at the Defense Intelligence Command.

This dream team works together to bring to life the stories of the characters as they navigate survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The series is helmed by director Cho Ui-seok, known for his remarkable work on acclaimed films such as Master, Cold Eyes, and The World of Silence.

The second teaser poster, capturing the legendary 5-8 unloading packages in the desolate landscape, signals the imminent worldwide release of Black Knight on May 12th, only on Netflix.

Black Knight

PR Source: Netflix