Character Sketches Of Ha Ji Won, Yoon Kye Sang & Jang Seung Jo For jTBC Drama “Chocolate”

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The main leads of jTBC’s newest romance drama Chocolate dropped imposing emotional character posters.

Approaching its premiere date, Yoon Kye Sang, Ha Ji Won and Jang Seung Jo are officially introduced in teaser images of Chocolate. Slated for November 29 first airing, the series takes on the spot to be vacated by My Country.



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In the released photos, different emotions reflect its main characters.

Threading on the story of a recluse neuro surgeon and a warm-hearted chef who will heal each other’s wound through cooking, Chocolate signals another healing drama to anticipate for.

Yoon Kye Sang as neuro surgeon Lee Kang poses with distant demeanor faintly smiling.

His aura emits a kind of yearning that his eyes scream to hope for as reflected in the text written on the poster – “longing made me cold”.


In fitting contrast, Ha Ji Won’s role as energetic chef Moon Cha Young reveals her bright smile.

Radiating positive energy, the text “waiting made my heart flutter” hints an expected sweet romance to happen.


Rounding up the lead cast is Jang Seung Jo (Encounter). Playing Lee Joon, the cousin of Yoon’s character, his first look shows a despondent mood carried by his heart.

In particular, his sad eyes complements his character description – “fear made me strong”.


The intertwining lives of the three main leads of Chocolate unveil “longing”, “waiting”, and “fear”. Emotions that are expected to add weight on the upcoming melodrama.

Adding to that, the creative team backing up is famous for the classic melodrama I’m Sorry I Love You. Thus, the sentimental synergy of the cast and production crew positively leans on a deeply contrived and emotional melodrama offering.

Chocolate premieres on November 29 at 10:50 p.m. via jTBC.

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