Ha Ji Won & Yoon Kye Sang Hints Warm Romance In jTBC’s “Chocolate”

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Something saccharine definitely screams on the released poster  of jTBC’s upcoming drama Chocolate!

The Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won love pairing piques interest with the released love premise. Hinting on healing and realistic romantic plot, fans are eager to feel the sweetness of its title layered abundantly as the story evolves.


In the released drama poster, Yoon and Ha stare at each other while sharing a paper cup coffee toast. Under the moonlight, they sit on a stone bridge evoking a feeling of romance. Side by side their reflection appears on the river raising warm emotions.

Powerhouse Pairing

Returning to the small screen after three years, Yoon Kye Sang plays the role of Lee Kang, a recluse neurosurgeon who appears cold and distant, but  is warm inside. Yoon’s character sketch is a smart and perfectionist doctor. He grew up in a seaside village, and once dreamt of becoming a chef.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won takes her first chef role as Moon Cha Young. Full of warmth, she is a talented chef equipped with positive energy. Brimming with optimism, Ha’s new role radiates sunny disposition, but she does not tolerate injustice. Having completely different personalities, the two cross paths, inevitably drawing a love melody.

Efficiently owning the characters he has portrayed so far, eyes are on Yoon, who is set to make his drama comeback since The Good Wife. He has been actively starring in films in the last seven years. His role in The Outlaws garnered raves owing to his shift to a crude character that is far from what he usually portrays.

Amassing huge international following, Ha Ji Won has appeared in hit dramas Secret Garden, King 2 Hearts and Empress Ki to name a few.

Chocolate reunites director Lee Hyung Min and writer Lee Kyung Hee, who teamed up for lauded melodrama I’m Sorry, I Love You in 2004. In addition, Director Lee scored recent drama favorites, The Miracle We Met and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Likewise, Writer Lee created acclaimed tearjerkers — Uncontrollably Fond, Thank You and A Love To Kill.

Chocolate airs on November 29 after My Country on jTBC.

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