Song Seung Heon & Seo Ji Hye Keep Finding Their Way Towards Each Other In Episodes 5-8 Of “Dinner Mate”

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Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye charmingly swoon audiences again in the latest episodes of Dinner Mate.

Continuing with the heart fluttering feelings from the first week, Dinner Mate makes audiences smile in this week’s episodes 5 to 8 as well.

Dinner Mate

Be it Seo Ji Hye’s comedic mishaps, Song Seung Heon’s kind acts, chemistry of the main couple, one-liner punches or the flow of the story – everything about Dinner Mate is an ecstatic delight.

The occurrences of the unexpected events episodes 5-8 builds up the foundation of the relationship that is about to be formed between the main leads.

The meal together and a sense of comfort with a stranger

At the end of the premiere week, a miraculous incident befalls that fulfills the condition for Woo Do Hee (Seo Ji Hye) and Kim Hae Kyung (Song Seung Heon) to meet again. Do Hee takes Hae Kyung to her favorite places to eat. Even though, Hae Kyung complains before eating, he ends up enjoying the condiments.

As they eat, they have candid conversations with each other. During that moment, Hae Kyung takes a guess that Do Hee might have been to these places with an ex. Do Hee confirms his suspicions and also reveals her sad past.

As it turns out, Do Hee used to go these places with her first love Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Ji Hoon), who broke up with her over a text and left abroad. Noticing the amount of things they have in common, Hae Kyung confesses to Do Hee that his first love, Jin No Eul (Son Na Eun) too ended their relationship in a painful manner.

Dinner Mate

Return of the past lovers

Things do not proceed well for the main leads, as their exes waltz back into their respective lives again. In the meantime, Jung Jae Hyuk visits 2N Box to meet Do Hee.

However, Do Hee was not present there at that moment, and so he has a talk with Nam Ah Young (Ye Ji Won). Jae Hyuk tells her that he intends to get back together with his ex again. Though, Ah Young shuns him away, she later calls him back and hires him to work on a new program with Do Hee.

On the other hand, Jin No Eul too, exhausts all her energy in her attempts to get back together with her ex. At first, she books an appointment with Hae Kyung, under a false name and then announces that she wants continue their old relationship again.

Dinner Mate

Failed pursuit

Woo Do Hee starts her day on a wrong foot as she gets up late and is therefore, not punctual to work. Then, as she goes to Kim Hae Kyung’s clinic, she misses to catch him by a few seconds.

Do Hee tries to extort information from the clinic assistant Lee Byung Jin (Kim Seo Kyung), who does not disclose any information. But, at that point, Byung Jin gets a call from Hae Kyung asking for an address of his scheduled meeting.

Do Hee manages to catch a glimpse of the address note and learns that the doctor has an appointment at Moon River. But, Do Hee could not meet Kim Hae Kyung again. Meanwhile, due to not eating anything, the PD is famished.

Another coincidence

Do Hee goes to a convenience store to get food. However, a homeless man (Park So Han) relays her the news that her mother came to her house. Not wanting to meet her mother, Do Hee does not go back home.

Next, Do Hee goes to a restaurant with the coupons that she had received previously. But, unfortunately the restaurant is full. At the same moment Hae Kyung enters the restaurant.

Hae Kyung tells Do Hee that he is there to meet someone. Unable to get a seat, Do Hee leaves the place. However, Hae Kyung stops her and asks her to have dinner with him.

As the two strangers have their meal together again, they talked about their coincidental meetings. They promise to cut ties and hope that they never meet again.

Dinner Mate

PD Woo Do Hee’s quest for Kim Hae Kyung

At work, Do Hee faces her biggest shock when she sees her old lover. Ah Young tells Do Hee that she plans to put the two together in the same team for a new program.

Nevertheless, Do Hee is against that and therefore, tries her very best to get Kim Hae Kyung on board. But, as fate would have it, she fails to run into Kim Hae Kyung despite all her attempts.

Finally, at the end, Do Hee has to admit defeat.

Because of it’s destiny

In spite of the rejections, Jae Hyuk and No Eul are persistent to get their exes back. Both of them fix an appointment for dinner with their ex lovers.

Do Hee goes to meet Jae Hyuk at the meeting place but as she gets reminded of her chat with her dinner buddy, she leaves the place. Then, Do Hee goes looking for her dinner mate at all the places that they had previously met.

But, when Do Hee gives up thinking that she would not meet him again, she notices a familiar face. Apparently, Hae Kyung too, was on his way to meet No Eul but he changed his mind and went looking for Do Hee.

So, the two end up running into each other again in the most unlikely places.

Woo Do Hee then asks, “Is this a coincidence?” To which, Kim Hae Kyung replies, “No, it’s destiny.”

Dinner Mate

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