“Dinner Mate” Episodes 13-16 Ignites New-Found Realization Of Love + Funny “Crash Landing On You” References

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And just when we thought Dinner Mate could not get any better, it just takes us aback by surprise.

Romance is on full-throttle in this week’s Dinner Mate episodes as the main leads realize that they don’t want to be only friends who eat dinner together. Progressing from strangers to potential lovers, Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye cause audiences to smile again in episodes 13-16.

Dinner Mate

Is it the chemistry? The characters? Or the actors? We are not sure which one of these has spun its magic but we are loving every moment – clichéd or not.

Adding a cherry to the top, is the fast-paced progress in the relationship of the main leads. There are no misunderstandings, no unnecessary fights but just straightforward confession of the heart’s feelings.

The End of the Dinner Mate deal

Finally, Woo Do Hee (Seo Ji Hye) learns that her dining partner (Song Seung Heon) was also her old online nemesis, Kim Hae Kyung. While, having a dinner with Jin No Eul (Son Na Eun), she notices a familiar face in the screen wallpaper of the former’s phone.

Jin No Eul confirms that the person in the picture is Kim Hae Kyung, also her first love and she intends to get back together again. It was too much of a shocking information for Woo Do Hee to absorb. But, no matter how much she tries, she could not stop thinking about Kim Hae Kyung.

So, Woo Do Hee decides to take a drastic measure. In the next meeting, Woo Do Hee declares to Kim Hae Kyung that she does not wish to proceed further with their arrangements and cut ties with him.

Now, Kim Hae Kyung who has also grown fond of his dinner mate is shocked at the unexpected announcement. He tries to reason but Woo Do Hee brushes it away with the excuse that she does not see any future together and therefore, does not wish to waste her time with a stranger.

The terms and conditions of the relationship between the two strangers was to not cross any boundaries that they have set. However, unknowingly both of them have grown too comfortable with each other. So, when Woo Do Hee ends the deal, all Kim Hae Kyung could think was how to reverse the situation.

Therefore, Kim Hae Kyung drives to Woo Do Hee’s place, discloses his identity and hands her his card. Despite that, Woo Do Hee still rejects Kim Hae Kyung and lies that having dinner with him has become uncomfortable for her.

Jung Jae Hyuk – the persistent ex-boyfriend who may have some issues

Even though, Woo Do Hee has rejected Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Ji Hoon) multiple times, he is still deluded with the thought that they belong together. The ex-boyfriend also goes to threaten Kim Hae Kyung in his clinic. This also leads to Kim Hae Kyung finding out that the lady he has been meeting is PD Woo Do Hee from 2N Box.

Meanwhile, the homeless man (Park Ho San) from Woo Do Hee’s neighborhood is actually a psychiatrist, who used to work in the same hospital as Kim Hae Kyung. He visits his former colleague and warns him that Jung Jae Hyuk is a very dangerous person but does not specify the details.

Next, Jung Jae Hyuk stages a planned accident at the sets where they were shooting for Jin No Eul’s program. Nothing major happens but Jin No Eul faints and is rushed to the hospital.

Kim Hae Kyung also comes to the hospital where Jin No Eul was admitted at. Seeing the two together, Woo Do Hee thought that there might still be lingering feelings between the two and therefore, leaves abruptly.

Meeting again and a confession

It’s not the episode ending scene of Dinner Mate if the main leads do not run into each other again. Realizing that he has feelings for the lady who was a stranger until a few days ago, Kim Hae Kyung goes to find her again.

Meanwhile at 2N Box, Woo Do Hee and team are brainstorming to find a person for a program. As they decide on a particular psychiatrist, Kim Hae Kyung makes a dramatic entry and tell them that there is no need to find anyone else because he will take part in their program.

At the rooftop, while they are alone together, Kim Hae Kyung tells her that he does not care about her identity. In his heartwarming confession he says that he came because he wanted to see her and tells her that he likes her.

“I wanted to see you. The woman whom I had a dinner with. The woman whom I went camping with. The woman who likes coffee milk. The woman who is still heartbroken from her previous relationship. I wanted to see that woman. Even after I learned that it was PD Woo Do Hee who cussed at me. I wanted to see that woman. That’s why I ran here today. I told you every ending is the same. But you told me some endings could be different. I want to believe that’s true. I have never been so brave in my life. I’m saying, I like you Woo Do Hee.”

– Kim Hae Kyung (Dinner Mate, Episode 16)

The most epic Crash Landing on You parody

It was a legendary crossover when the viewers got some Crash Landing on You crumbs through Dinner Mate.

In order to plan a new content for their show, Woo Do Hee was trying a past life regression method. In a video, playing on her desktop, a psychiatrist hypnotize her to go to sleep and remember her past life memories.

The psychiatrist in the video states, “You are walking on a field with soft grass. Does anything come into sight?” Then, Woo Do Hee’s dream shows a glimpse of a military uniform. Cue! Crash Landing on You OST starts playing in the background.

Woo Do Hee speaks in a North Korean accent, “I see a comrade in a military uniform.” Next, the man on the screen asks, “Can you hear what people call you?”

Thereafter, Woo Do Hee’s dream reveals the face of the man in the uniform who appears to be Kim Hae Kyung and he calls her Dan. Woo Do Hee quotes, “Dan! That’s my name.”

After that, Park Jin Kyu (Go Gyu Pil) goes into a trance and utters, “I don’t think it’s a knife. A rose. A light breeze. A piano. A tomato.”

Answering the man in the video who asks to state what he hears, he says, “My name is Ri Jung Hyuk. I missed you. Seri!”

Interestingly, both Seo Ji Hye and Go Gyu Pil were a part of the hit drama, Crash Landing on You. While, Seo Ji Hye played the role of Seo Dan, a North Korean heiress and Ri Jung Hyuk’s (Hyun Bin) fiancee, Go Gyu Pil portrayed the part of Hong Chang Sik, who is Yoon Se Ri’s (Son Ye Jin) secretary.

Afterthoughts and Expectations

We love a man who is brave enough to admit his feelings and quick to take actions. When Woo Do Hee complained that he was just a stranger, Kim Hae Kyung introduced himself the next day and gave his contact card. Then, when Woo Do Hee shut him off, he sought for her again.

For the next week, expect nothing but the cute actions of Kim Hae Kyung who will make sure that he earns a permanent place in Woo Do Hee’s heart. The only challenge for the couple seems to be clingy exes who haven’t given up yet.

Dinner Mate

Dinner Mate airs every Monday and Tuesday on MBC.

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