“Doom At Your Service” Unveils Parade Of Teasers Featuring Park Bo Young & Seo In Guk

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We’re not complaining but the diligent downpour of Doom At Your Service teasers really makes us want to speed up the calendar days!

tvN’s highly-anticipated offering has dropped recent teasers generating even more anticipation to K-Drama fans. The fantasy-romance drama top-billed by Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk tells the story of a woman who signed a contract risking her life in order not to disappear.

Recently, the character posters of the main leads were revealed as well as a brief introduction of their characters. In a warm pink poster, Park Bo Young’s character Tak Dong-kyung reveals a faint smile and warmth in her eyes shines through. The text on her poster says: “a human who decided to put love in order not to disappear.”

In a blue-toned poster, Seo In Guk radiates cold aura. His face is devoid of emotion matching his unfathomable thoughts as a supernatural being who mediates between gods and humans. Playing Myul Mang, he devotes his compassion and love to an unexpected life that has been interrupted by a terrible fate. The text on his poster says: “a being that is the reason for all that disappears.”

While the character posters bring intriguing mood, the first video teaser goes for an engaging mood. We see the adorable meeting of Dong-kyung and Myul Mang. It definitely hypes interest on what kind of romance the two will share in the story.

Today, Doom At Your Service released the first meeting at a hospital where Myul Mang steadies Dong-kyung who held on his sleeves. The entrancing moment is made even more breathtaking with how the two was captured in a sweet mutual gaze.

doom at your service


Directed by Kwon Yong Il and penned by Im Meari, the series is co-produced by Studio & New and Studio Dragon. It takes the slot to be vacated by Navillera in May.

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