K-Drama Couch Recap: “Encounter” Episode 8

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As we get to the second part of the love journey in Encounter, expect how Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun overcome their adversaries and find the meaning of love the way it will make them happy.

Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo’s Encounter crosses the middle part of the narrative, with both of them aiming to protect each other amidst a waging war from the antagonists.

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I am going to Sokcho

Intent to rescue her boyfriend, Soo Hyun summons Director Choi and preaches him to realize if he will proceed as a puppet of Taegyeong group or be a dignified director of Donghwa Hotel.

Jin Hyuk meets Soo Hyun to let him go, although she strongly refuses. Reminding her of what she did to build the hotel, she acquiesces to Jin Hyuk’s decision.

Meanwhile, unaware of the identities of each other in the dating app, Dae Chan and Mi Jin agree to meet up but the animosity they feel toward each other cancel the date out.

Hye In invites Dae Chan and Jin Myung to attend the hotel’s year-end ball.


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Farewell Date

Making the most out of the remaining hours they can freely be with each other, the two go out for a date. Jin Hyuk brings Soo Hyun to a place where they can do a walking date amidst golden tall reeds.

Jin Hyuk casually talks about his secret participation to poetry and photography contests, and they go on mumbling their thoughts freely. He spills another secret on how he learns about love through books, and locks gazes with Soo Hyun when he thanks her for letting him feel what love is in reality.

Receiving Jin Hyuk’s camera as a gift, silent tears escape from Soo Hyun’s eyes as she takes pictures of him. After the quick date, they head to Soo Hyun’s house to warm up since Jin Hyuk caught a cold.

As Jin Hyuk can’t contain the urge to embrace his woman, he encloses his arms around Soo Hyun’s body in a back hug. He tells him how he is becoming greedy of wanting to have tea with her, eating with her and even having her in his arms. Soo Hyun turns to face him and accepts his warm hug.

EncounterPark Bo Gum

Warm and Cold

Jin Hyuk and his family happily eat breakfast together as Jin Myung becomes aware of his hyung’s relocation. In contrast, the moment Congressman Cha arrives in their house, Soo Hyun’s mother rants out about their daughter’s planned fight against Taegyeong. Soo Hyun’s father subtly lashes out on his wife’s meddling agreeing to their daughter’s wish to live her own life.

Checking out on her boyfriend, Jin Hyuk walks to where he will be staying in Sokcho, while endearingly talking to Soo Hyun. Woo Suk learns of Jin Hyuk’s transfer and pays Soo Hyun to confirm it. Surprised at her ex-husband’s blurt of how he misses her, Woo Suk leaves her office.

Over at the villainess’ lair, Chairwoman Kim confronts Woo Suk on how he had to pay a woman to free Soo Hyun, whom he really loves. Admitting to his plan, he tells his mother that it was his own choice, and was not influenced by Soo Hyun.

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Masquerade Ball

It is the year-end party and trust Mr. Nam on being the best cupid ever to Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk. He picks up the latter from Sokcho to attend the party just as the guests arrive in the hall including Woo Suk.

Lights slice through, with the havana party music being played just as the countdown to a new year begins. Lost in the party crowd, someone drags Soo Hyun out of the hall to her surprise.

Jin Hyuk takes off his mask and so does Soo Hyun as they gaze lovingly at each other. The long distance, the mood and the music lead Jin Hyuk to kiss the beautiful woman in front of him.

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Encounter Episode 8 Afterthoughts

For the first time in Soo Hyun’s life, she is owning it, and she truly means to be a part of someone’s life because of her own will.

That scene when she teared up while taking Jin Hyuk’s picture was so beautiful because it came from a scene when we saw her fighting for him. As strong as she wants to be, we see that she has really embraced the emotions that came along when you fully trust someone.

Now that Soo Hyun’s ex-mom-in-law figured out her son’s unrequited love to Soo Hyun, it is normal to worry about her next move. I hope Woo Suk remains understanding that perhaps in the next fictional lifetime, he can be with Soo Hyun.

I am bracing myself to the expected emotional second half of Encounter, now that the lead couple has come out bravely in the open.

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