tvN Teases With Filming Site Photos Of Ji Chang Wook & Won Jin Ah

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Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah are psyched up for their new drama.

Ahead of its premiere next month, Melting Me Softly (LT) headlined by Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah, piques interest with released photos.

Taking an interesting premise of a 24-hour freezing project between men and women, it bumps on a hiccup though, resulting the participants to wake up 20 years after.

Ji Chang Wook_Won Jin Ah

In the released photos, Ji is shown suiting up as variety show PD Ma Dong Chan. Directing a scene, PD Ma immerses on the entertainment show filming where Won does a part-time job as Go Mi Ran.

Donning a yellow tracksuit complete with helmet and goggles, she carries something on her back with a worried expression on her face. How the two end up on the “freezing project” and why did they become frozen together spin the plot of the series.

Keen to immerse on their roles, Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah have done research on styling and situation in 1999 to synchronize with their characters well.

Boasting an impressive combined portfolio, director Shin Woo Chul and writer Baek Mi Kyung aspire another hit series. They have worked on well-loved fantasy dramas such as Secret Garden and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Additionally, acclaimed romance series including City Hall, A Gentleman’s Dignity and Beloved Eun Dong are also their notable projects.

Taking the weekend slot on tvN, Melting Me Softly begins after Part 3 of Arthdal Chronicles in September.

Source: Sports Chosun
Image Credit: tvN

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