Gianna Jun Braves Dangerous Mountain Ranger Job In “JIRISAN”

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Evoking an enigmatic countenance, Gianna Jun sparks interest in the poster unveiled for JIRISAN.

All set for its eagerly-awaited premiere, iQiyi original K-series Jirisan is starred by Gianna Jun and Ju Ji Hoon. Directed by Lee Eung-bok (GoblinDescendants Of The Sun), writer Kim Eun-hee (Kingdom, Signal) and starring Gianna Jun and Ju Ji Hoon, affirms worldwide premiere in October on iQiyi international, simulcast with Korea.


Jirisan also released an initial poster today, in which Jun, playing a national park ranger, walks into a forest engulfed in flames. In the mountains like Jirisan, crises come from downpours, floods, and fires. She has to take risks and rescue victims out at the frontline.


The tagline on the poster also lists the first principle for rangers: “Our job is to return alive from dangers”. A mysterious silhouette in the title font is a clue to secrets in the mountains. It adds another layer of suspense before the premiere.

A Story of Real Mountain Keepers

The story is based on interviews with national park workers by writer Kim Eun-hee. “When I wrote Jirisan at the beginning,” said Kim, “it didn’t focus on rangers. I was more interested in stories about mountaineers. However, I was more intrigued about their work after interviews citing they are real mountain keepers.”

“Many amateurs often get injured or stranded as they let their guard down after reaching mountaintops. Rangers, instead, believe that “the top objective of mountaineering is leaving alive”. Even under downpours, snowstorms, landslides, typhoons, and other inferior weather conditions, rangers are committed to rescuing victims in the mountains.”

Jirisan tells a story of how an experienced national park ranger (played by Gianna Jun) and a rookie ranger (played by Ju Ji-hoon) unveil secrets hidden in the mountain.

The series will exclusively simulcast with Korea in October on iQiyi International app or iQ.com worldwide.

PR Source: iQiyi

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