Go Soo & Ahn So Hee Team Up To Search For Missing Souls In Recent Stills of OCN’s “Missing: The Other Side”

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Go Soo and Ahn So Hee showcase unusual strong chemistry in recent drama stills.

Missing: The Other Side is a mystery-fantasy series set in a village inhabited by souls of people who went missing. A group of people will search for the lost remains and pursue the truth behind the mysterious incident.

missing the other side


Reliable Swindling Duo

Go Soo plays Kim Wook, a swindler who is smooth-talker and has impeccably good looks. Swindling evil criminals for powerless people with warm and righteous character is also his hobby. Inciting great interest with the drama, his character stumbles into a village where the souls of the missing people has gathered.

Go Soo Ahn So Hee

Ahn So Hee plays Lee Jong Ah, a civil servant during day but an excellent hacker at night. She will play an active part as a reliable helper to Go Soo with his righteous fraud activity. They will uncover the mysteries happening in the soul-inhabited village. The two will bring laughter by showing off their chemistry.

Go Soo Ahn So Hee

The production staff shared, “Go Soo and Ahn So Hee showcases great chemistry while filming to enliven the drama. Please look forward to their story.”

Missing: The Other Side premieres on August 29 at 10:30 PM KST via OCN.

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