Han Ye Ri & Kim Ji Suk Displays Lifelong Friendship In Latest Drama Stills

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Han Ye Ri and Kim Ji Suk relive their 15 years of friendship in the recent stills of their upcoming drama.

The new tvN drama endows an amusing and earthy narration about an unusual family. Featuring main leads Han Ye Ri and Kim Ji Suk, the drama traces their relationship as longtime friends.


Han Ye Ri instills her role as Kim Eun Hee, an optimistic caring woman. Kim Ji Suk plays the role of Park Chan Hyuk, Kim Eun Hee’s free-spirited male friend. Both of them shared history for almost 15 years with a family-like bond. Their relationship is a lot closer than with their own family members.

On May 12, tvN released official stills previewing their friendship timeline and a glimpse of their history. From the fresh college days up to present day, their common yet special friendship sparks viewers’ curiosity.


My Unfamiliar Family depicts family misunderstandings and agreements on a daily basis. It ironically emphasizes the distinction between family-like strangers and stranger-like families.

Kim Eun Hee & Park Chan Hyuk’s Friendship

The two have been together for 15 long years. Park Chan-hyuk watched Kim Eun-hee’s turbulent campus love life. In the stills below, Park Chan Hyuk looks at Kim Eun Hee drinking beer next to her boyfriend, Lee Jong Min (Choi Woong Bun).


Despite having their time apart, Kim Eun Hee and Park Chan Hyuk comfortably gaze at each other. They knew one another more than they know their self. It instills anticipation on how their friendship blooms into loving each other more than friends.


Director Kwon Young Il, who co-directed Search: WWW, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes and Suits will take the directorial seat.

Writer Kim Eun Jung will take the lead as the drama screenwriter. Her famous works include Flower Boy Next Door and films Hello, Brother and Il Mare.

Actress Han revealed, “Kim Ji Seok thoughtfully led the filming and created a comfortable atmosphere throughout the filming site. He is indeed a great person who deeply prepares more than anyone else when it comes with acting.”

Her co-star Kim Ji Suk said, “We shared a lot of scenes together, thus, our teamwork naturally developed. Now, I miss her more than anyone else in the field and I’m glad to see her again.” Exposing their real-life friendship, Kim Ji Suk attests their chemistry by saying, “We are in perfect harmony.”

My Unfamiliar Family will premiere on June 1 at 9 PM KST via tvN.

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