“Hierarchy” Teaser Unveils Jooshin High School’s Elite World Starring Next Generation K-Teen Stars

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Enter the halls of Jooshin High School, where wealth and status reign supreme, and every corner holds a hidden story.

Premiering on June 7th, Hierarchy offers a fresh perspective on the high school drama genre.

Directed by Bae Hyeon-jin (known for “Start Up,” “Big Mouth,” and “Alchemy of Souls”) and written by Chu Hye-mi (“About Time”), the series unfolds in an esteemed private high school governed by a strict social hierarchy, mirroring the corruption often observed in adult society. The teaser unveils a world where the affluent children wield power with their wealth and social status.

The show boasts a cast of promising new talents, led by Roh Jeong Eui (Badland Hunters, Our Beloved Summer) as Jung Jae-i, the school’s reigning queen, and Lee Chae Min (Crash Course in Romance, Alchemy of Souls) as Kang Ha, the scholarship transfer who disrupts their world. Kim Jae Won (King the Land, Our Blues) portrays Kim Ri-an, Jae-i’s boyfriend and the school’s king. Chi Hae Won and Lee Won Jeong round out the popular students as Yoon He-ra and Lee Woo-jin, respectively.

Amidst a mysterious death, the arrival of a new student, and daring moves that challenge the established order, what secrets will be unveiled amidst the turmoil at Jooshin High School?

Tune in on June 7th for the premiere of “Hierarchy,” exclusively on Netflix.