Photos Of Hwang Jung Eum & BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae At New jTBC Drama’s First Script Reading Released

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The newly released pictures from the first script reading of Hwang Jung Eum and BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae starrer guarantees a fun-filled drama.

jTBC unveiled images from the first script reading of its new drama Ssang Gab Pocha (literal title). Directed by Jeon Chang Geun and screenplay written by Ha Yoon Ah, the drama is backed by Samhwa Networks.

Ssang Gab Pocha is a fantasy drama, which unleashes the story of a mysterious woman. She runs a mysterious outdoor drinking stand called Ssang Gab Pocha, with a pure young part-timer who can explore into the dreams of his customers and help them resolve their problems. With the goal of complete pre-production of the drama, the shooting ended at the end of February and is currently at a post-production stage.

The first script reading took place in August 2019, and it was held at the JTBC office building in Sangam-dong, Seoul. All the major actors Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae, Choi Won Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Jung Da Eun, along with director Chang Geun Jeon, and writer Ha Yoon Ah attended the event. When the full-fledged scene practices began, the actors showcased their acting prowess.

Announcing a perfect return after two years, Hwang Jung Eum plays the role of Wol Joo, the owner of the drinking cart Ssang Gab Pocha. She does not belong to the world of the living or the dead, but rather performs the role of a counselor who helps in relieving the people from their world. The actress captured Wol Joo’s hot personality and unique tone and her expressions were very natural.

Yook Sung Jae plays Han Kang Bae who works at Gap Eul Mart’s customer service office, and is also a part-timer at Ssang Gab Pocha. He has the ability to extract secrets of people by simply getting in touch with them through physical contact. The actor displays perfect control of his emotions in the extreme situations.

Ssang Gab Pocha

Portraying the role of Team Leader Gwi who is the manager of Ssang Gab Pocha is Choi Won Young. He was appointed to manage Wol Joo’s performance. The actor skillfully balanced between the laughter and the seriousness during the reading.

Joining these three are Lee Joon Hyuk who plays Department Head Yeom, a grim-reaper, and Jung Da Eun, who plays Yeo Rin, who works as a security agent for the Gul Mul Mart. Their unique character and stable acting maximized synergy with senior actors.

Ssang Gab Pocha is based on the webtoon of the same name by an artist named Bae Hye Soo, who received a 10-point rating from readers and won the Excellence Prize at the 2017 Korean Manga Awards. The story is refreshing, and has a delicate touch to soothe the hearts of tired people.

The drama is scheduled to premiere on May 20 via jTBC.

Source: Sports Donga

Images Credit: jTBC

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