“Imitation” Webtoon Adaptation Unveils Concept Images For Its Idol Groups

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Take your first look at idol groups Sparkling, SHAX, and Tea Party from KBS’s new webtoon adaptation drama, Imitation!

On April 14, KBS unveiled new posters for its upcoming drama, Imitation. The images provided fans with their first look at the K-Pop idol groups in the show. Modelled after real-life debuts, the photo releases intrigued fans as each group displayed different charms.

While Sparkling delivered a refreshing and boyish concept, SHAX displayed an intense and darker look. Meanwhile, Tea Party delivered a pure and cheerful vibe in their poster.

Meet The Groups

In particular, Sparkling caught fans’ attention with their vibrant and energetic approach. The group poster depicts ATEEZ’s Yunho (Yujin), San (Minsu), and Seonghwa (Seyoung) with Lee Soowoong (Hyunoh) boasting their strong visuals in pastel outfits fit for spring. Their sentimental gazes as well as the relaxed atmosphere summoned excitement for their boyish charms.


In contrast, SHAX portrayed a darker, edgier poster that raised suspicion for the group’s “MALA”, or spicy, concept. The fierce looks radiating from Yuri (Dojin), Ahn Junghoon (Jaewoo), SF9’s Hwiyoung (Lee Hyun), ATEEZ’s Jongho (Hyuk) and U-KISS’s Lee Junyoung (Kwon Ryeok) demanded attention immediately. Furthermore, with the poster’s dark color palette and flames, many look forward to the group’s heated concept with excitement.


Finally, Tea Party intrigued with their wholesome and bright concept. Jung Jiso (Lee Maha), Lim Nayoung (Shim Hyunji), and Minseo (Yuria) radiated loveliness in white costumes against a soft pink background. The group’s kind eyes and soft smiles raised intrigue for Tea Party’s sound.


Imitation Airing Soon

The Imitation drama is based on Kakao Page’s original webtoon of the same name.


Since its first serialization in 2014, the webtoon soared in popularity, receiving 4.6 billion views, 3.9 million subscribers, and 600,000 comments on Kakao Page’s fandom IP. Fans from all over the world, including North America, Japan, China, France, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan rushed to praise the webtoon which features the behind-the-scenes of idols pursuing their dreams.

Many are excited to see the worldviews of idols such as the “Top Star” La Rima, “Complete Idol” SHAX, “Growth Idol” Tea Party, and “Fierce Idol” Sparkling, come to life on screen. Moreover, the participation of director Han Hyun Hee and writer Choi Sunyoung creates high expectations for the show’s quality.

Meanwhile, Imitation will air on KBS, premiering at 11:20 PM KST on May 7.

Fans can keep up with the idol groups of the show by following their respective SNS channels:

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Image Source: Kakao Page | Kakao Entertainment