“Imitation” Webtoon Wins At The 2020 Korea Contents Awards, Readies Fans For The Drama Adaptation To Come

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Anticipation for KBS’ upcoming drama Imitation only increases as its original webtoon wins a prize at the 2020 Korea Contents Awards!

Kakao’s beloved webtoon, Imitation, won the “Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award” at The 2020 Korea Contents Awards. The ceremony recognizes the works of those who have drawn attention to the Korean content industry, providing positive impressions and joy globally. The award only increases the eager wait for the webtoon-inspired KBS drama Imitation, which will air early next year.

The list of actors set to star in the drama includes Jung Jiso, Lee Junyoung, Park Jiyeon, as well as ATEEZ members Seonghwa, Yunho, San, and Jongho, who also sent congratulatory messages to the webtoon writer, Park Gyeongran. Their video messages thrilled awaiting fans, who have yet to see many teasers of the drama so far.

In particular, Jung Jiso stated, “I’m also filming the drama Imitation so please look forward to it!”

Webtoon Success

The webtoon Imitation earned explosive love, following its first serialization in 2014. Its cumulative webtoon views have presently exceeded 4.6 billion views. It also racked in 3.76 million subscribers, and amassed a cumulative 600,000 comments on Kakao Page’s largest fandom IP. The webtoon is globally loved, gaining readers from North America, Japan, China, France, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

The worldview of Imitation follows various idol groups including the top star “La Lima”, the complete-package “SHAX”, the growing “Tea Party”, as well as the passionate “Sparkling”.


Regarding the prize won at The 2020 Korea Contents Awards, writer Park Gyeongran stated, “Thank you to the readers who love Imitation … In particular, I think ‘thanks to you, these good things happen,’ while reading your congratulatory messages. I am very grateful to the actors who sent congratulatory videos even when they were busy. I’m looking forward to the drama.”

Drama Adaptation

Fans of the webtoon can look forward to its drama adaptation airing early next year. KBS will broadcast the series, while Han Hyun Hee will direct the show, known for works such as Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung and Solomon’s Perjury. Meanwhile, writers Choi Sun Young and Kim Min Jung will pen the script.

Though the drama already received excitement from readers of the webtoon, the anticipation seemingly only skyrocketed following its cast reveal.

Jung Jiso plays the center of the group “Tea Party”, the happy-virus character named Maha who stuns with her dancing. Lee Junyoung will play the center of “SHAX”, who has complete idol skills. Meanwhile, Park Jiyeon plays the top soloist “La Lima”.

Additionally, attention to the drama rose as ATEEZ members were revealed to join the cast. ATEEZ’s Jongho will play the maknae of group “SHAX”. Yunho, Seonghwa, and San will play Yujin, Seyoung, and Minsoo respectively, who are all part of the group “Sparkling”.

Though this marks ATEEZ’s acting debut, fans are already sending their support and excitement. The members have been widely recognized for their unrivalled performance expressions and stage presence. As such, their foray into acting is a fitting move for the charismatic idols.

Imitation will air during the first half of 2021.

Source: Joy News 24

Image Source: Kakao | C&C Revolution