Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah & Yoon Se Ah’s Character Sketches For “Melting Me Softly”

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The parade of Melting Me Softly teasers keeps pouring!

tvN’s latest upcoming fantasy-romance spectacle taps Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah as the main leads of Back-To-The-Future-ish series set to premiere on September 28.

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Taking an interesting milieu, Melting Me Softly will thread on a 24-hour freezing project participated by Ji and Won’s characters. However, it bumps on a hiccup and had the participants wake up 20 years later. With a time leap from their lives in 1999, the lead couple will challenge adapting to the modern times.

On September 16, tvN released additional teasers featuring the lead characters. Hinting the characters’ situations, thoughts and looming complications; it hypes up expectation on the drama.

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Ji Chang Wook as Ma Dong Chan

Melting Me Softly

In the released poster, it describes Ma Dong Chan as a variety show production director who became a frozen man. “I do what my heart says, whatever it is,” that is PD Ma’s mantra. Befitting of the peerless gaze, he shows a passionate character in his character image.

As a hardworking PD who likes challenging work, he participates in his Frozen Human Project television program. Leading to an impossible overnight change in his life, he woke up 20 years to the future. Will he find the confidence of Ma Dong Chan in year 1999? Can he catch up with both career and love in the year 2019?

Won Jin Ah as Go Mi Ran

Melting Me Softly

“Return my 20 years! I’m responsible for my lost life.” Go Mi Ran relays in his character photo. Frozen together with PD Ma Dong Chan, Mi Ran strangely begins to develop unusual feelings with him.

Yoon Se Ah as Na Ha Young

Before PD Ma was frozen, Na Ha Young is his lover. “Let’s start again. Our love is not over.” Ha Young’s pledge draws curiousity to whether Dong Chan will rekindle love with his old flame.

Penned by acclaimed writer Baek Mi Kyung, Melting Me Softly will be directed by Shin Woo Chul. The writer-PD tandem has produced K-Drama favorites such as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Woman of Dignity, Secret Garden, Lovers in Paris among others.

Melting Me Softly makes its eagerly-awaited first broadcast on September 28.

Source: TV Report, Sports Chosun

Image Credit: tvN