“Jirisan” Nears Its Peak With Finale Episodes Coming This Weekend On iQiyi

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As Jirisan nears its peak from last weekend’s previous episodes, Gianna Jun is seen miraculously reunited and has spoken with Ju Ji-hoon in his spirit form, but both were unable to prevent more murders.

Concerned that Gianna Jun would be the serial killer’s next target, Ju’s spirit form exerted all his strength to speak into the walkie-talkie to warn Jun, leaving his body in the hospital in critical condition. A long beep that seemed to signal Ju’s heart stopped left viewers concerned for his safety.

Revealed in the latest gripping episodes released that Ju Min-gyung may have run into serious trouble, while the Haedong branch park rangers have hurriedly embarked on search and rescue in the hope of preventing a tragedy.

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Jirisan’s flood of summer 2019 had claimed many lives. Ju Min-gyung who plays park ranger team’s admin executive Lee Yang-sun was helping with search and rescue when she accidentally fell and went missing ever since. Kim Young-ok who is in the role of Seo Yi-gang’s grandmother boarded a bus that fell off a bridge and died as a result.

Ju Ji-hoon discovered that was not an accident as the murderer had deliberately led the driver to the doomed route. Ju blamed himself for being unable to stop the perpetrator, and realized that victims were all residents of a particular village – linking the murderer to that location.

With his special ability to foretell events, Ju saw clues in the village and caught up with the suspicious ecological conservation staff Kim Sol, played by Lee Ga-sub. “Have you been committing the murders?” Ju confronted Lee who denied and explained he was there because police officer Kim Eung Soon (Jun Suk-ho) asked to meet, but had failed to show up. Ju then found that officer Kim is a suspect, but was assaulted in the snow before he could uncover the truth, and has since been in a coma while Jun was left wheelchair-bound.

Back in the 2020 timeline, Gianna Jun finally meets Ju Ji-hoon in spirit form. He firmly believes “Officer Kim is the murderer” and tells Jun he can see the murderer will strike again. It turned out that the perpetrator overheard their conversation and changed the location and time of the murder.

Rounding up the clues, the prime suspects seem to be Kim Sol and officer Kim Eung Soon as both were from the village in question. However, what about the previous suspect, park ranger branch lead Jo Dae-jin, or anyone else for that matter? The truth will finally unravel in the conclusion of Jirisan this weekend.

The breathtaking conclusion to Jirisan is set to simulcast exclusively with Korea at 8pm on December 11 (Saturday) and 12 (Sunday) on iQiyi and iQ.com.


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