JTBC’s “Private Lives” Reveals A Cryptic Poster Rousing Excitement For A Thrilling Series

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Fans will definitely brace themselves for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as a new poster has been unveiled for the mystery series, Private Lives, implying an enthralling and sweeping narrative ahead.

To satiate the growing anticipation for another deeply engrossing mystery drama series, JTBC delights fans with the release of Private Lives‘ main poster.

The freshly revealed photo teaser condenses the story’s essential idea through a metaphorical depiction. Visibly shown on the image is a broken mirror, a powerful imagery that is used to deliver a profound message about the concept of truth. All five characters are pictured looking down at the broken mirror with skeptical, probing eyes.

Private Lives

The photo begs the question about the authenticity of the reflection we see through a mirror. Does it reflect the real character and nature of a person? Or is there a hideous truth hidden underneath it? In the grander scale, it poses a question about the world we live in. Is the world as real as what our naked eyes can see? Or are we being deceived by the manipulative minds whose aim is to control everything to their advantage? To seek for truth means to break the false image we see on the mirror.

The multi-talented Girl’s Generation member, Seohyun, will portray the lead role of Cha Joo-eun. She is a seasoned con-artist whose true identity is concealed in the guise of a charming and innocent persona. Opposite her is Go Kyung Pyo, who will take on the mysterious character of Lee Jung Hwan. He is a high figure in a big corporation that is engaged in some despicable undertakings with the government. Completing the ensemble of top-notch artists are Kim Hyo-jin, Kim Young-min and Tae Won-seok who will all play the roles of experienced swindlers in the series.

The narrative will take the viewers in a dark world of fabricated truths and shocking deceits through the evil ploys of the powerful few. It invites us to join its characters as they seek for truth defying the powers-that-be.

Originally scheduled to premiere on September, Private Lives‘ pilot airing has been moved to October 7. It will be available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.


Image source: JTBC

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