July 2019 Korean Drama Releases: “Watcher”, “Hotel Del Luna”, “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” & More

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It is going to be a feast of varying stories for the additional 2019 Korean dramas set to premiere in July.

Exploding to 14 new titles to anticipate for, viewers get to see different genres from young and veteran actors. Renowned season actors Han Suk Kyu makes his highly-anticipated return since the hit Doctor Romantic.

Still mostly trudging hero-centric series, Hong sister’s new bizarre romance treat, Hotel Del Luna, neutralizes the relatively heavy-plot themed roster. Additionally, rising actors with idol roots gear up to add excitement in the lineup of July 2019 Korean dramas.

Note: Hellokpop drama team does not cover daily dramas, weekly family dramas and some  dramas due to unavailability of video resources.

Here is the roster of currently airing 2019 Korean dramas.


Perfume (KBS2)
Partners for Justice 2 (KBS2)
The Wind Blows (jTBC)


Angel’s Last Mission Love (KBS2)
One Spring Night (MBC)
My Absolute Boyfriend (SBS)
Search: WWW (tvN)
Save Me 2 (OCN)


Nokdu Flower (SBS)
Chief of Staff (jTBC)


Different Dreams (MBC) *Saturday only
Arthdal Chronicles (tvN)
Voice 3 (OCN)

Now, here are the latest series to premiere in July 2019.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

2019 Korean Dramas

Image credit: tvN

Tragedy and conspiracy are the central themes of Netflix upcoming political-thriller drama, titled Designated Survivor: 60 Days. The remake stars actor Ji Jin Hee (Jewel in the Palace) in another challenging role. Following the narrative of the original series but giving a more Korean feel, the drama will tell the story of a scientist turned politician, who inadvertently becomes the President of South Korea.

It is slated for broadcast on July 1 via tvN and Netflix.

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Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Exploring the reasons and emotions that bring about failed marriage seems to be the direction of Love Affairs in the Afternoon.

Bannered by Park Ha Sun, Lee Sang Yeob, Ye Ji Won and Jo Dong Hyuk, Love Affairs in the Afternoon is adapted from 2014 Japanese drama. Directing the project is Kim Jung Min, whose popular works include Task Force 38 and Bad Guys. Both mentioned series by Director Kim were neatly constructed. Hence, this total shift from gritty production to romantic story really had my full attention.

Love Affairs in the Afternoon airs on Channel A every Friday and Saturday starting July 5.


2019 Korean Dramas_Watcher

Image Credit: OCN

On board the latest OCN original series Watcher is acclaimed veteran actor Han Suk Kyu. Together with Seo Kang Joon and Kim Hyun Joo, they will power an enthralling narrative about people who bond together after a tragic incident. Fighting off corruption against the cruel reality of power wielding, Watcher challenges to score another hit story for OCN.

Directing the production is Ahn Gil Ho whose recent works spawned magnanimous appreciation. His superb helming of dramas Memories of the Alhambra and Stranger fits the bill of the new story he will orchestrate. In addition, the polished scribbling skills of writer Han Sang Woon fuses well to PD Ahn. Han penned the screenplay for The Good Wife and Spy.

Watcher is scheduled to premiere on July 6 via OCN.

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Level Up

Image credit: K-PLUS

Level Up is a 12-episode workplace romance comedy starring Sung Hoon (My Secret Romance), Han Bo Reum (Go Back Couple), Cha Sun Woo (Less Than Evil) and Danny Ahn (Big Issue). It threads on a romance comedy that begins between a restructuring expert and a game lover while they try to save a dying company.

Level Up begins its run on July 10 via MBN/Dramax. Additionally, it premieres on K-PLUS starting 11 July 2019, Thursday at 8.00pm SGT, within 24 hours of Korea.

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Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

A hotel unlike any other is in the brink of bankruptcy. Its owner Jang Man Wol (IU) teams up with hotelier Gu Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) to revive its grandeur. But the catch is how to make the hotel appealing to its spooky clientele targeting – wayfaring ghosts.

That is definitely piquant, not to mention ambitious. Expected to draw a beguiling fantasy romance, all eyes are on its lead love pairing featuring IU and Yeo Jin Goo.

Backing up this new tvN series is Director Oh Chung Hwan. Hong Sisters will be penning the script. The creative team’s combined portfolio includes While You Were Sleeping, My Love From the Star, A Korean Odyssey and The Master’s Sun – fantasy themed drama favorites that have been well-received by viewers, thus heightening the excitement of K-Drama aficionados.

Hotel Del Luna will open its door on July 13 via tvN.

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2019 Korean Dramas_Justice

Based on a webtoon, Justice takes the thrilling story of a lawyer and a construction company CEO, who joins forces to lay the ground for their ulterior motives.

Taking the role of a lawyer with excellent winning rate, Choi Jin Hyuk will portray Lee Tae Gyung. Conspiring with Song Woo Young, Son Hyun Joo’s character, they work with Korea’s VVIPs.

Penning the script is writer Jung Chan Mi, whose works include youth dramas School 2017 and Sassy Go Go. PD Cho Dae Pyo of KBS drama special Dream of Midnight Night will call the shots of the production.

Justice premieres on July 17 on KBS2.

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Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Set in the background of early 19th century, the new series reels interest with its woman-empowering premise. The period drama threads on the struggle of female historians, who face bias treatment in the society which Confucianism is deeply-rooted.

Taking the female lead is Shin Se Kyung, who will play the role of Goo Hae Ryung. This drama marks Shin’s third period series after acclaimed productions Tree With Deep Roots and Six Flying Dragons.

Meanwhile, Cha secures his first ever drama in a major network. Garnering huge following after his stint in jTBC’s My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Cha readies himself to elevate his acting portfolio, with a plot-heavy production.

Cha and Shin aim to paint an addictive love story for the viewers this summer. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung will be aired on July 17 via MBC.

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Doctor Detective

Image Credit: SBS

Highlighting corruption within private groups and the anomalies that they try to cover up spins the story of Doctor Detective.

The drama’s female lead is Park Jin Hee who plays as Do Joong Eun. She works as an industrial health doctor who works in industrial sites. However, she is bothered by the accidents and illnesses that keep going unsolved. Together with Doctor Heo Min Ki (Bong Tae Gyu), they work to solve these cases.
Doctor Detective begins its mission on July 17 via SBS.

Class of Lies

2019 Korean Dramas_Class of Lies

Challenging an unlikely role based on his previous dramas, Yoon Kyun Sang ventures onto his first school drama – not as a student but as a teacher.

Yoon will play the role of a lawyer with a high success rate for his cases. However, due to an unfortunate incident, his character falls from grace. In order to regain his honor, he decides to become a fixed-term teacher in a high school.

Class Of Lies commences its lessons on OCN starting July 17.

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Doctor John

Doctor John

Doctor John aims to explore the stories of pain medicine doctors. It will be based on the Japanese novel “The Hand of God” by Yo Kusakabe.

The Korean drama adaptation focuses on the story of a genius anesthesiologist. To be portrayed by Ji Sung, the hero of the series is the youngest professor and a promising physician in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Dubbed as “10 seconds”, he can grasp the patient’s condition within ten seconds.

Helming the series is Director Jo Soo Woon, whose lauded dramas include I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio. Moreover, it will be a reunion project with Ji Sung, whom he worked before in Swallow the Sun.

Scheduled for broadcast on July 19 via SBS, Doctor John takes the spot to be vacated by Nokdu Flower.

Moment At Eighteen

2019 Koran Dramas_Moment at Eighteen

Moment At Eighteen is jTBC’s latest foray into the world of young adults. Depicting the lives of youth, the series will capture their moments as they go through emotional highs and lows. Ong Seong Wu, taking on his first leading role in a drama, stars alongside actress Kim Hyang Gi and rising actor Shin Seung Ho.

Actors Kang Ki Young, Shim Yi Young, Kim Sun Young, Park Sung Geun, Heo Young Ji, ASTRO’s Moonbin and more, join the three-main cast. Moment At Eighteen is directed by Director Sim Na Yeon (School of Hip Hop), and writer Yoon Kyung Ah (Ms Perfect) penned the script.

Moment at Eighteen sets its first broadcast to July 22 on jTBC at 9:30PM KST.

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My First First Love s2

Image Credit: Netflix

Drifting to an endearing youth story, the coming-of-age series features a vibrant cast depicting relatable youth characters. In season 1, Yoon Tae Oh (Jisoo) was introduced as the main character who moves in to his grandfather’s house. His supposed solitary life is short-lived as his friends seek shelter to his new home.

From there, stories of chasing dreams and first love decorate the friendship circle, which has been weathering their storms together.

Picking up from the cliff-hanging finale of the first season, the series will carry on to depict the main characters growth as young adults.

My First First Love S2 will be streamed on Netflix beginning July 26.

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When the Devil Calls Your Name

When the devil calls your name

Bromance lives on for Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sun Woong in their eagerly awaited pairing for When the Devil Calls Your Name. The new tvN series tells the story of a renowned songwriter, who sold his soul to the devil. Thus, turning him from an unknown to genius composer. Ahead of his 10-year contract expiration, the composer portrayed by Jung plays a life-and-death game with the devil.

Director Min Jin Ki of thrilling tvN series Circle orchestrates the production. It aims its broadcast date on July 31 via tvN.

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*UPDATE: Welcome 2 Life and Be Melodramatic moved to August air date.


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