“Arthdal Chronicles” Keeps Popular TV Drama Rank, Jung Hae In Reclaims Top TV Drama Actor Rank

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While Arthdal Chronicles maintain its prominence, One Spring Night also guards its position, but emerges victorious with its love pairing.

Covering June 3 to June 9, the released data from Good Data Corporation reflects a lively trend on Spring 2019 Korean dramas.

Conducted for currently airing and soon to be launching television dramas, the survey measures popularity index based on online articles, blogs, SNS and video responses.

Taking the first two spots for popular television dramas are Arthdal Chronicles and One Spring Night respectively. Strangely the curve of Arthdal’s popularity surged up even with negative feedbacks on its complex narrative.

Jung Hae In

Additionally, main actors from One Spring Night and Arthdal Chronicles land on the top 10 of talk of the Internet-town TV actors. Albeit its frustrating love triangle, the viewers are drawn to the love pairing of Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min. They reclaim the popular actors’ honor from Song Joong Ki, who dropped at the third spot.

Moreover, public and cable channels are on an interesting race for the first week of June. In the last few months, pay-TV platforms have consistently dominated, but this week, five dramas from terrestrial networks have entered the roster.

Search: WWW

After its premieres last week, Search: WWW and Perfume also clinch slots debuting on the third and fourth places. Keeping its thrilling drive, OCN’s Voice 3 ranks fifth with Angel’s Last Mission: Love following closely behind.

Also entering the Top 10 popular drama list on its premiere week is Partners for Justice 2 at seventh place. Rounding up the last three dramas are Nokdu Flower, Abyss and Save Me 2.

Outnumbering the list, actresses take in six places in the TV Drama actor category. At ranks 4th, 5th and 6th are Im Soo Jung, Go Won Hee and Park Bo Young.

Furthermore, Shin Hye Sun and Kim Ha Neul takes the 8th and 9th spots. Lastly, the third side of One Spring Night’s complicated love web – Kim Jun Han seals the list.

Below is the Top 10 Drama Tally

  1. Arthdal Chronicles
  2. One Spring Night
  3. Search: WWW
  4. Perfume
  5. Voice 3
  6. Angel’s Last Mission: Love
  7. Partners for Justice 2
  8. Nokdu Flower
  9. Abyss
  10. Save Me 2

Below is the Top 10 Drama Actor Tally

  1. Jung Hae In
  2. Han Ji Min
  3. Song Joong Ki
  4. Im Soo Jung
  5. Go Won Hee
  6. Park Bo Young
  7. Jang Dong Gun
  8. Shin Hye Sun
  9. Kim Ha Neul
  10. Kim Jun Han