Jung Hae In Shares Preparation For His New Drama “One Spring Night”

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One Spring Night is expected to paint a stunning love story between Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min.

When MBC dropped the video teaser of Jung Hae In, we bet all women automatically sweetly sighed because of him.

Due to premiere on May 22, the latest romance melodrama of MBC intends to present a genuine love tale that will cater to the romantics.

Aspiring to duplicate the success of 2018 hit drama Something in the Rain, Jung Hae In draws the chemistry he has with acclaimed director Ahn Pan Suk. Meeting the talented actress Han Ji Min for his new project is another drawing point for viewers to anticipate.

One Spring Night


Jung Hae In remarked that he is happy working with Director Ahn. Additionally, he is grateful to enjoy shooting and respects all the actors and production staff while filming. He also revealed how excited he was when he got the script. Without exaggeration, he added that he was amazed on feeling the reality of the drama and characters.

Sharing his take on his latest role, Jung said, “The circumstances surrounding the character and the various problems are somewhat heavy. Ji Ho is a warm-hearted person but is also careful inside.”

For his second partnership with Ahn, Jung mentioned sharing insights with the director. To bring out the emotional scenarios, they work on making his character persuasive and heartfelt.

Jung Hae In


That being said, Jung Hae In revealed he did his homework in analyzing his character down to his gaze, gestures and even way of speaking.

One Spring Night aims to depict an encouraging love tale between a man and a woman searching for love. It aims to reminisce romance at its brightest and most poignant yearning.

It will be aired on MBC beginning May 22.

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Jung Hae In


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