Jung Hye Sung Joins The Star-Studded Cast Of “Joseon Exorcist”

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Historical fantasy drama, Joseon Exorcist officially adds Jung Hye Sung in its cast lineup.

Jung Hye Sung suits up to portray the role of shaman Munhwa. Surviving alone after losing her family, at the age of seven she has displayed a fascinating gift. When she turns 10, she began formal training as a shaman.

Billed to be a historical series, it depicts the bloody fight of humans to protect the people against evil spirits who use human desire to cause chaos in Joseon.

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Taking an imaginative spin, Joseon Exorcist goes to the premise of how King Taejong confronts a strange entity trying to reign over humans. A bloody fight begins when the evil spirit, who has been thoroughly sealed by Taejong, resurrects in the land of Joseon full of people with weak desires.

By fusing martial arts and exorcism, Joseon Exorcist aims to present King Taejong’s struggle to remove the remnants of corruption to establish a strong foundation.

Previously, a strong male actor cast was already confirmed with Kam Woo Sung, Jang Dong Yoon, Park Sung Hoon and Kim Dong Jun powering the highly-anticipated series.

Consistently impressing with wide range of characters in different genres, Jung Hye Sung has been proving her skills as an actress. Her notable works include Oh My Venus, Love in the Moonlight and Good Manager.

Sealing quite a remarkable lead cast, the series will be helmed by director Shin Kyung Soo. Interestingly, he also worked on another lauded period drama which took King Taejong as the lead character in Six Flying Dragons.

Moreover, he last worked on critically acclaimed Nokdu Flower. Heightening the powerhouse creative team is writer Park Kye Ok (Doctor Prisoner) confirmed to be penning the screenplay.

Joseon Exorcist targets premiere in the first half of 2021.

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