Jung Il Woo, Kang Ji Young & Lee Hak Joo To Draw Unique Love Triangle Story In “Midnight Snack Couple”

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Sealed on May 25th broadcast date, Jung Il Woo, Kang Ji Young and Lee Hak Joo are set for the new jTBC romance series

Directed by Song Ji Won, penned by Park Seung Hye; the 12-episode series revolves around a unique romance story set in the backdrop of a late-night restaurant. A healing chef, an entertainment show PD and a passionate fashion designer are set to move as characters in the story.

Jung Il Woo

The charismatic chef

Suiting up as charming chef Park Jin Sung is Jung Il Woo. He runs a special restaurant, ‘bistro72,’ which serves late night customer. Through his warm food, he warms the hearts of people, not just with his delicious dishes, but his comforting advices.

Recently, the actor has been loved by the audience in entertainment show Stars’ Top Recipe At Funstaurant. This time, Jung Il Woo is excited to don a chef’s outfit in Midnight Snack Couple. Previously, he starred in his post-military comeback drama, Haechi. He is also scheduled to venture in overseas acting projects in Japan and China.

Jung Il Woo

The optimistic PD

Former girl group KARA member, Kang Ji Young takes the role of diligent variety show PD, Kim Ah Jin. After a hard day, a drink from ‘bistro72’ and serving of delicious snack are the only pleasures in her life.

Actively pursuing overseas filmography, Kang aims to unleash a strong and lovely charm for her new character. She has mostly worked on Japanese projects including Soshite, Ikiru, Doctor X 4 and Osaka Kanjousen Part 2.

The passionate fashion designer

Rounding up the lead cast is actor Lee Hak Joo, who made strong impression in top-rating jTBC series, The World of the Married.

In his new work, Lee challenges the role of well-established fashion designer Kang Tae Hwan. His almost perfect life is a given, but his relationship to people seems separated by invisible walls he builds to protect himself.

Jung Il Woo, Kang Ji Young and Lee Hak Joo are expected to create a romance drama flavor that will engross the viewers. The main actors immerse to their characters from appearance to personality, resulting to amazing synergy.

A heartwarming romance story to soothe a weary day, look forward to the heartwarming mood of Midnight Snack Couple. It will highlight healing through romance and hearty food.

Midnight Snack Couple will be broadcast on May 25 at 9:30 p.m. on jTBC.

Jung Il Woo Kang Ji Young Lee Hak Joo

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