Jung Jae Young, Jung Yu Mi & Oh Man Suk To Reprise Their Roles In “Partners For Justice 2”

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It’s official – Baek Beom and the gang are back for Partners For Justice 2!

Definitely well-deserved for another season, MBC’s high-rating and stellar crime drama has confirmed its main leads return for Partners For Justice 2. It depicts a team of prosecutors, detectives and forensic science experts solving murder cases by analyzing information retrieved through autopsy reports, police investigations and keen deductions.

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Portraying genius forensic scientist Baek Beom, Jung Jae Young is set to team up with Jung Yu Mi’s prosecutor character Eun Sol in capturing crime culprits and serving justice to them. Fans can look forward to details of Baek Beom’s past that is yet to be unveiled.

Along with the returning main cast, the show runners vow to meet the expectations of its followers.

“I think Partners for Justice 2 is MBC’s first season drama. It is a work that many people have been waiting for. The actors and staff are working hard to show more immersing scenes that are full of tension,” Director Noh Do Chul remarked.

Inviting the audience to anticipate and support the series, the director expressed confidence with his second team up with writer Min Ji Eun.

Partners for Justice 2 is scheduled for June broadcast date.