Jung So Min Is A Sunshine Visual In The “Fix You” Character Poster

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Jung So Min’s character in Fix You is a free-spirited person.

Are you ready for a healing and comfortable experience? Fix You is looking forward to doing it this spring.

On April 9, a character poster of the drama’s lead actress Jung So Min was released. She plays Han Soo Joo, a musical actress witha bright personality.

Fix You is a medical drama that contains the stories of psychiatrists, who believe that healing and treating a sick person are two different things.

Fix You

The drama is directed by Yoo Hyun Ki, who has previously worked on dramas like Master of Study, Brain, and Seo Young, My Daughter. While the screenplay is written by Lee Hyang Hee who had also penned War of Money and My Lawyer, Mr. Joe.

The cast includes Shin Ha Kyun, Jung So Min, Tae In Ho, and Park Ye Jin, who will come together to present a heart-warming story.

Jung So Min

In the released poster of Jung So Min, there is the yellow background, which suggests that the spring season is in full bloom and Jung So Min’s bright, sunshine-like visuals attract attention. Wearing a floral blouse, the actress carries a bright smile and a relaxing pose which gives off a perfect healing aura.

There are also various cute paintings of objects next to Jung So Min, such as the sun, trees, blue birds, and flowers, which are often used in art psychotherapy. These are meaningful in the sense that they show a glimpse of people’s hearts indirectly. It also touches on the content of the drama, doubling the warm feeling of the poster.

The poster includes captions such as “A wounded free soul in a crazy world”, and “A fiery hot musical actor”, which give a brief idea about the character. With this poster, it can also be assumed that the character carries an enthusiastic and bright energy.

Fix You

In this psychiatric drama, Jeong So Min is a musical actress, Han Soo Joo who is a little sick on the inside and is a patient of psychiatrist Lee Si Jun (Shin Ha Kyun).

The production team of the drama said, “As we are looking forward to providing comfort and healing through this drama on May this year, the posters are filled with warm spring energy.”

Meanwhile, Fix You will premiere on May 6 via KBS 2 TV.

Source: Xsports News

Images and Video Credit: KBS 2 TV