K-Drama Couch: “Doctor Prisoner” Rating Surges High + “Her Private Life” Tops Buzzworthy Drama & More

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We barely reach the first half of the year, but 2019 Korean Dramas have already made us emotionally spent.

For patient binge-watchers, it is a challenging feat to stay strong and sane when K-Dramaland is playing Thanos with its drama themes. Wallowing on plot heavy dramas is truthfully depressing.

2019 Korean Dramas


It is with that predicament that we will be altering the landscape of K-Drama couch. Sticking on choosing our K-Drama battles wisely, our couch will now feature our free-spirited blabs about the roster of 2019 Korean dramas.

Since December 2018, our team has covered mostly thrillers and dramas of intricate plots. Out of the 36 dramas we have watched so far, only five series can be considered to be light ones. Fortunately, this month looks more friendly with new titles set to premiere.

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2019 Korean Dramas_Kdramacouch

Kicking off this “new look” of Hellokpop’s K-Dramacouch, we will highlight the surprises, disappointments, hopes and happiness on the series that we are tuning in.

We are currently monitoring these dramas:

  • My Fellow Citizens (KBS2)
  • Welcome to Waikiki 2 (jTBC)
  • Special Labor Inspector Jo (MBC)
  • The Secret Life of My Secretary (SBS)
  • Abyss (tvN)
  • Doctor Prisoner (KBS2)
  • Her Private Life (tvN)
  • The Banker (MBC)
  • Nokdu Flower (SBS)
  • Beautiful World (jTBC)
  • Different Dreams (MBC)
  • Save Me 2 (OCN)

A few drama premieres are expected to join the current lineup of 2019 Korean dramas. That also means that the closure for some dear dramas is inevitable.

K-Dramas on Finale this month

Haechi, Kill It and Big Issue had all recently reached closure. Hitting finales this month are Doctor Prisoner, The Banker and Her Private Life.

In the guesting of Doctor Prisoner cast on Happy Together, they hoped for impressive ratings. So far, among the dramas with crime and power play accentuating its plot, this KBS2 drama is just worth it. The mind games take you to a trampoline rush each week.

Na Yi Je (Nam Goong Min) presents a new breed of underdog hero. Dauntless and clever, together with the power hungry cast, he has justified the consistent big numbers the series has been raking. Same goes with his villain counterparts who are really creating the yin-yang balance of the narrative in place

Doctor Prisoner

Where did the humor magic go?

While the current cast members have shining moments, I must admit that Welcome to Waikiki 2 struggles to match the smart comic timing of the first season. An abundance of hilarious moments was the main drawing point of Welcome to Waikiki. Although evident in the second serving, it lacks the addictive drive.

Welcome to Waikiki 2

An array of K-Drama stories

K-Drama watching usually takes a toll around November. However, for fans who are feeling the same way as we do, we are blaming the heavy plot themes concentration of dramas that have been airing in the last six months. Interestingly though, most of the series that finished airing are well done. But most would not appeal to casual watchers who prefer light and comfy themes.

The Fiery Priest

Taking the current trend are hero-centric stories and justice seeking plot. Two of the highest-rated series this year (The Fiery Priest, Doctor Prisoner) fit the aforementioned flow. If 2018 warmed our hearts with healing stories, this year threads on its exact reversal.

K-Drama News Grapevine

Fans will have to wait for a few months, but the hype is expected for the new dramas which will star Lee Min Ho and Ji Chang Wook. Fresh from rendering their military service, the two actors have confirmed the projects they are bound to take. Both drama sketches are so far interesting.

Lee Min Ho: “The King: The Eternal Monarch”

Ji Chang Wook: “Let Me Melt”

Lee Min Ho

Photo From Glorious Entertainment

Reviews, Features & Premiere Recaps

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As the only source of smiles and heart flutters in K-Dramaland these days, we can’t help but write about girl crush Park Min Young as she inspires fangirl spirit in Her Private Life. The series has topped the survey conducted by GoodData Corporation for two weeks in a row. Additionally, its love pairing takes the top two spots this week.

Park Min Young Her Private Life


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Expected to premiere this week are two romance dramas and two thriller series. Just in, here are our first impressions on Abyss and The Secret Life of My Secretary.

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