K-Drama Couch Recap: “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” Episode 6

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Finding someone you want to protect and rely on seems not to be an easy whim for Prince Yi Rim based on his blooming emotional connection to rookie historian Goo Hae Ryung.

Subconsciously coming to rescue damsel-rookie-historian-in-distress, Cha Eun Woo and Shin Se Kyung are carving the romance line in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. Designed to cushion a looming hardship that might implicate the main characters of the story, the strained relationship of the King and the Joseon princes start moving to a predictable painful direction.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

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The aftermath of Hae Ryung’s tears

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Pouring her heart out, Prince Yi Rim painfully listens to Hae Ryung’s loud cry without asking what transpired. After regaining her emotional strength, Hae Ryung steps out of the room and thanks Prince Yi Rim for the understanding gesture. But he just shrugs its off. Stopping on her tracks, he tells her to seek his place when she needs a refuge and jokes how she looks ugly when she cries. Feeling proud of his cheesy line, the prince enters his room with a cute grin and goes to the window to send Hae Ryung out with a sweet gaze.

The Petition’s Backlash

Irking other offices, the historians face a mountain load of paper woks passed on to their team because of Hae Ryung’s petition. Later, Prince Yi Rim learned from Sambo’s probing about the reason why Hae Ryung cried. The eunuch explains how assistant clerks are essential to outer palace just as court maids reign the inner palace. Betting on Hae Ryung’s imminent resignation because of her complaint, Prince Yi Rim heaves a sigh and surmises on what he can do to help her.

Left alone to complete the tasks, Hae Ryung stays up late and eventually dozes off. She wakes up in the morning with all the work completed. Back at Neokseodang, Sambo barely recognizes where he is, while Prince Yi Rim still floats in dreamland. Pacing impatiently, Prince Yi Rim rants why Hae Ryung has not arrived still. He drags his eunuch to the historians’ building and sees her doing an errand. Bumping on senior historians, Prince Yi Rim joins them in the office biting on the assumption that he was sent as a clerk.

At the Crown Prince’ chamber, Sahee is ordered to leave by Prince Jin so he can rest. But she stays to do her job responding how he has been treating her non-existent anyway. Bothered why she took the historian post when she lives in an affluent life, Sahee explains the painful truth of how her father’s fortune will never be tied to her since she is a woman.

The errand boy prince

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Arriving to their office with petitions, Hae Ryung stops when she notices a familiar face. Faintly smiling, she approaches him and learns from the seniors that he is their assistant for the day. Taking an opportunity to speak in private, Hae Ryung questions his deed and pushes him to leave. But insisting to help her with her work, he also reasons how he feels refresh doing something new. That it could inspire his creativity to write a love story between clerk and historian. Agreeing to his request to hide his identity, Hae Ryung gives a meaningful smile on how she will be treating him as a clerk for that day.

Happily tailing Hae Ryung with a wooden backpack, Prince Yi Rim bears the hard work he rarely does. When an important record went missing because of the two, they are sent outside the palace to gather a heartwarming story. In contrast to Hae Ryung’s pouty face, Prince Yi Rim beams with excitement.

Downtown legwork

Foreseeing a downtown trip with Prince Yi Rim will be a disaster, the trouble-making prince pokes here and there. Hurrying to protecting the clueless prince, Hae Ryung rescues his mindless liquor drinking, and careless reveal of obvious scammers. As the sun goes down, she tells him to go back to the palace, but he insists on escorting her until she finishes her job.

Meanwhile, the historians, whose task is to interview the survivor of the forest cottage killings, learns how he shared his story to SSC Min’s assassin and even drew the face of the woman who cured his wound with a needle and thread. Reporting to SSC Min, the assassin pays a visit to Sambo’s wife’s house, Mohwa.

Answering the door knock, Jae Gyung shoves SSC Min’s minion away. A sword points on Jae Gyung, and he comes face to face with Mohwa. For old time’s sake, Mohwa lets Jae Gyung go unscathed, but warns him not to show his face again.

The best gift of curfew

With her busy schedule, Hae Ryung forgets the curfew set in the country. They rush to escape the claws of roaming officers just as they hear the curfew announcement. She explains the flogging punishment for breaking the curfew. In fear, adrenaline flows to Prince Yi Rim’s creative mind and suggests a scene from his novel to evade the sticky situation.

Quick to uptake, Hae Ryung moves closer to Prince Yi Rim. Asking for forgiveness, she grabs his arms to her body for a mutual embrace as their faces almost touch in close proximity. Fortunately for them, the trick worked. However, while Hae Ryung is relieved that they escape the punishment, Prince Yi Rim seemed to have been trapped in the moment.

Unable to go back to the palace, Hae Ryung brings her home, while Jae Gyung drowns in alcohol reminiscing memories he shared with Mohwa. Noticing how handsome Prince Yi Rim is, Hae Ryung’s nanny brews a sweet evil plan and sets them up at Hae Ryung’s room with a wooden divider.

The night goes deeper, but the two struggle to sleep. In the end, Prince Yi Rim decides to go outside. Separated by a wall, Prince Yi Rim smiles surmising the moments he had share with her as Hae Ryung blushes while recounting the embrace earlier.

Sambo’s “where were you last night” inquiry

Whining at his prince recklessness, Sambo does not want to believe that nothing happened after running off with Hae Ryung and spending the night with her. Firm on his position of not doing something he should be ashamed of, Prince Yi Rim feigns ignorance when asked by his eunuch if she really is just a historian for him.

Piles of work keep coming at the historians’ door. To appease the involved parties, the historians urge their head to give an apology. Officer Min volunteers to fix the issue. Rising to her chair, Hae Ryung tags along to meet the clerks with Officer Min’s hosted dine-out. Hinting more favors from the son of SSC Min, Hae Ryung opposes making the clerks furious.

They demand her to apologize, but Officer Min stops her and slams a book that bears a record of the irregularities happening in the clerks’ office. Riding on the bluff Officer Min threw in, they successfully send a stop-your-rebellion message to the clerks.

Be the owner of my heart

Hae Ryung teases Officer Min of the perfect bluff he made. She asks why he said that she did no wrong when he castigated her last time. He explains how standing up for what’s right requires taking responsibility of the action. That he wanted her to learn on her own.

The situation is back to normal at the historians’ hub. Bored at his room, Prince Yi Rim perks up when he hears Goo Hae Ryung came to visit. Walking together, Hae Ryung speaks about coming over to thank Clerk Yi for helping her yesterday. Starting on a happy slate with their friendship, Hae Ryung encourages him to make a comeback. But he can only responds with questions on why he can’t write. Understanding his sentiments, Hae Ryung empathizes on how hard it has been for him all along. She gets her pen to give to the prince and requests him to write something for her.

Unaware that the King is approaching, Prince Yi Rim hesitates on giving the writing to her. “I hope you live for a long time and be the owner of my heart.” Reminding her not to overthink on the meaning of the poem, Hae Ryung gets impatient and tries hard to reach for the paper. Just then, the King arrives.

Episode 6 Afterthoughts

The connection between the main leads are now locked which means undertakings might be thrown in the succeeding episodes to challenge it.

Hitting the mid mark soon means the conflict would be concretely set to flow its good versus evil plot.

By now, the bias treatment to Joseon women is loud and clear as what Hae Ryung and Sahee have so far gone through. Shin Se Kyung, who really suits historical production, is doing well as the focal character of the series.

Making the King furious is expected to happen given the closing scene of this episode. What kind of punishment awaits Prince Yi Rim? Will we get more details to Mohwa’s purpose?

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