K-Drama Couch Recap: “Vagabond” Episode 3

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Vagabond continues its high-flying intense action ride as it sails into its second week.

Dal Gun and Hae Ri are caught up in the fray, dodging bullets and attacks. They struggle against time and red tape as they search for the terrorist. Meanwhile, the knowledge that Hae Ri and Dal Gun are aware of the conspiracy quickly spread, and attacks are increasing. Power comes into play to hide and retrieve precious evidence.

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Hae Ri Confirms The Terrorist Attack

The survivor burns Hae Ri’s stolen laptop and USB drive. This leaves no hope for Dal Gun to retrieve the files. Meanwhile Hae Ri relives the plane crash as she listens to the recordings on the black box.  Dal Gun, who has been released on bail, enters a convenience store.

An ominous man enters and brings out a gun while Dal Gun is inside the store. As he aims at Dal Gun, the latter catches him on the reflection and ducks immediately. The armed man continues to shoot at Dal Gun but he makes a quick getaway and escapes. His companion is shot as they try to drive away.

Hae Ri is unsuccessful in trying to decode the conversation she overheard, but realizes that the times mentioned in the conversation also matches the times of the actual malfunctions. Dal Gun calls Hae Ri and tells her that Ho Sik got shot. Additionally, she confirms to Dal Gun that he was right and that the plane was attacked.

Hae Ri returns home and sees her laptop is missing. The man attacks her from behind and they get into a scuffle. Hae Ri stabs him on the leg and manages to escape. She commands him to remove his mask and it’s the hotel cleaner Dal Gun attacked. Afterwards, she asked him who sent him, he said he was offered money to kill her and stage it as a suicide. She tells him to call whoever told him to have her killed.

Ho Sik Dies

Meanwhile, Ho Sik’s phone rings beside Dal Gun as he waits in the hospital. Hae Ri is surprised when Dal Gun answers and she realizes it’s Ho Sik. She tells him that whoever owns the phone just had her killed. She tells Dal Gun to go catch Ho Sik. As Dal Gun looks for Ho Sik he realizes he already escaped after the surgery. Dal Gun hurries out of the hospital and tries to catch him. A flashback shows Ho Sik entering Dal Gun’s hotel room and picking up on Dal Gun’s password.

As Hae Ri rushes to the hospital, she calls Doctor Kim, who helped her retrieve the black box video.  His suspicious actions are confirmed when he calls Jessica Lee and tells her that they have a problem. He is in cohorts with Jessica.

Meanwhile, Hae Ri hits Ho Sik with her truck. They manage to catch up with Ho Sik, who’s acting crazily. Ho Sik spots a sniper on a roof a few meters away from them. He threatens to swallow a pill that will kill him, and he does so. He warns Dal Gun and Hae Ri not to do anything because “they”are terrifying. Before he can say anything else, he dies.

The sniper shoots at Dal Gun and Hae Ri but they manage to escape. The sniper continues to shoot at them so Dal Gun crazily grabs Hae Ri’s gun and runs toward the sniper. They quickly devise a plan of attack and run. As the sniper prepares to shoot, a masked woman and two other men aim for his head behind him. Unfortunately, the sniper is already gone when Hae Ri and Dal Gun reach the top. They spot a truck speeding away from the building, inside the truck is a woman and two men, who cover .his head.




Hae Ri Reports To The Director General

Meanwhile, a man stands at a memorial tower as a security sweep led in the NIS starts happening. They target Kong Hwa Sook’s department. Hwa Sook is Hae Ri’s friend who helped her translate the conversation from Hoon’s video. The security sweet personnel gathers all USB drives and PC drives. Hwa Sook asks if she can get one of her drives. Min Jae Sik enters the department and asks what’s going on. They tell him there has been a security breech and Gi Tae Woong ordered the sweep. It turns out Gi Tae Woong is the man at the memorial tower. Tae Woong reminisces about his former colleague who died seven years ago due to a violated rule.

Hae Ri and Dal Gun are at the morgue with Ho Sik’s body. Hae Ri tries to call Jae Sik, but he is in a meeting with Tae Woong. Chief Gang appears in the meeting. The director general scolds him for his tardiness. Hae Ri calls Chief Gang as he is in the meeting. She tells him that the B357 crash was a terrorist attack. He stands up and addresses the men in the meeting, including the Director General. Chief Gang tells Hae Ri to address him directly about the terrorist attack. She tells them that Kim Woo Gi was an accomplice and that Hwa Suk has a copy of the video file. The director tells her to return to Korea immediately. Dal Gun refuses and wants to stay until she catches the terrorist and co-pilot.

Jessica Seduces The Prime Minister

Meanwhile Tae Woong and Jae Sik discover that they have been attacked by a virus and can no longer retrieve the video. Jessica Lee receives the good news that the video can no longer be retrieved. Shadow is her spy in the NIS and they talk about Dr. Kevin Kim. Jessica meets the prime minister and is friendly toward him, but he is cold to her.

They target three aides closest to the prime minister who are also involved in the FX plan. They bring out documents that prove their misdoings and aim to divide the three aides. Jessica meets with the three men and the prime minister also arrives. The prime minister arrives as the three aides are all in a state of disarray with the naked women. Jessica clearly framed the men so that the prime minister can catch them in that state.The prime minister starts breaking vases and spots the hidden camera. She tells him it’s time they have a discussion. She lists down the offenses his three aides have. Jessica reveals she also has a lot of information about the US Department of Defense if the Blue House needs it. Jessica proceeds in seducing the prime minister.

Jerome is Killed

After his kidnapping, the men who captured Jerome tortured him. He tries to defend himself and says that he was trying to find the co-pilot. Furthermore, Jerome tries to clear his name and says that he is not a traitor. Despite this, they still shoot him dead.

NIS Loses Evidence, Drops The Investigation

The identity of Jerome is hidden by an American man called Harry Rossi. Therefore, there is no evidence that he was on the airplane aside from the video they lost. Visibly upset, the director general is angry about the lost evidence of the terrorist attack. He decides to drop the investigation.

Tae Woong is surprised at his decision. Jae Sik is suspicious about the timing of the virus, thinking that it could be a planned attack to lose the video file. Tae Woong asks if Jae Sik thinks he did it, but he just shrugs and walks away.

Jessica Has The File; Hires A Hit Woman For Dal Gun

Jessica watches the file from her laptop. She starts to delete it and decides against it at the last minute. Lily enters her office. Jessica tells Lily about Dal Gun and that there should be no traces of murder. She hatches a plan that Lily will be at the airport and have someone stun Dal Gun. While in the ambulance, they will inject him with a chemical. It will look like he had a heart attack.

Dal Gun and Hae Ri Are Back In Korea



Dal Gun gets sick on the airplane on their way back to Korea. Hae Ri tries to comfort him and take care of him. As they land in Korea, they are immediately spotted by Jessica’s men. Jessica is on guard for her plan of attack. But things don’t go as planned because Dal Gun spots his attacker’s reflection on Hae Ri’s sunglasses. He attacks him first and asks him who he is.

Episode 3 Afterthoughts

I’m glad to see that Vagabond continues its high-flying action scenes. As Cha Dal Gun and Hae Ri further entangle themselves into the mystery, their lives continue to be at stake. More people want them dead for the information they hold.

In Episode 3, we finally get introduced to Shin Sung Rok’s character, Ki Tae Woong. His appearance is still too short to tell which side his character is on, but it seems like he is a straightforward guy.

Vagabond is currently streaming on Netflix.

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