K-Drama Couch Recap: Vagabond Episode 4

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Things continue to heat up as Dal Gun continues to investigate.

Refusing to quit, Dal Gun arrives in Korea. He is more determined than ever to uncover the truth behind the plane crash that took Hoon’s life. Meanwhile Hae Ri deals with the red tape in the NIS.

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Dal Gun Escapes The First Attempt

Meanwhile, Dal Gun narrowly escapes the first murder attempt Lilly stages as they arrive. Dal Gun spots the man through the reflection on Hae Ri’s sunglasses. He screams at the man and accuses him. But Lilly has an alternative plan and they successfully get away from Dal Gun. But they rise his suspicion that they’re out to get him.

A Reporter Approaches Dal Gun

Hwa Sook informs Hae Ri and Dal Gun that all information on the pilot Kim Woo Ki and and Kim Ho Sik vanished. Hoon’s mom calls Dal Gun. She learns about what happened, but is more concerned about the compensation the victims’ families might get. Dal Gun gets angry at her for her neglect. A Pyeonghwa reporter approaches Dal Gun and tells him about the call that the airport police received the day before the attack. He tells him about what happened to the officer who received the call. The reporter wants to know what Dal Gun knows but warns the latter not to trust the NIS.

Dal Gun meets the reporter alone again. The reporter tells him about the fighter bidding, the 10 billion dollar fighter plan the government is planning. Furthermore, he talks about John & Mark, the company who will benefit most from the tragedy. Currently, the strongest contender for the bid is Dynamic System. But there are rumors that they will lose the bid. The reporter tells Dal Gun he plans to meet someone else who claims to have important evidence on the terrorist.  Dal Gun and the reporter go to the hotel to meet the informant, not knowing Hae Ri and Hwa Sook are right behind them.

The reporter goes up alone to meet the informant, who is in Room 407 of the hotel. Dal Gun waits at the lobby but gets impatient.  He decides to follow the reporter to Room 407. With no answer to his knocks, he enters and finds the reporter bloodied on the floor. Reporter Jo puts a pen inside Dal Gun’s hand and dies.

A masked man comes up behind Dal Gun and attacks him, but quickly escapes. Dal Gun chases after him and Hae Ri spots their chase. They try to follow him but lose him. The group head back to the hotel, but in Room 407, the reporter’s body is now gone. The blood has disappeared and there is no trace of the attack. The police get upset at Dal Gun’s supposedly false report.

The police decide to check CCTV, call the newspaper and ask for Reporter Jo Bu Yeong. He learns that the reporter is on vacation in New Zealand. Dal Gun insists that the reporter was dead. Furthermore, the CCTV doesn’t show that there was anyone who checked in Room 407. The police warn Dal Gun and leave. Hae Ri believes Dal Gun because the same situation happened in Morocco. Dal Gun gives the pen Reporter Jo put in his hand. Inside the pen, they find a USB.

Dal Gun Faces Off With the Families

Dal Gun heads to the meeting of the bereaved families of Flight B357. Meanwhile, Hae Ri and Hwa Sook manage to access the USB and find information on Kim Woo Gi, B357’s co-pilot. Hwa Sook was surprised to find all the missing information on Woo Gi was on the USB.

While Dal Gun listens to Woo Gi’s wife make a tearful speech, Hae Ri calls him. She tells him they found insurance policies amounting to nearly 5 billion won. Woo Gi took out the policies six months before the crash. Woo Gi’s wife is the sole beneficiary.


Dal Gun is enraged and barges into the meeting. He faces Woo Gi’s wife and asks her where co-pilot Kim Woo Gi is. He accuses her of knowing that Woo Gi is still alive. The other families get upset at Dal Gun’s accusations but he insists the wife is Woo Gi’s accomplice. Park Kwang Deok attacks Dal Gun. Mr Park arrives just as Kwang Deok is carrying Dal Gun out. Mr Park’s assistant Micky brings Dal Gun. Dal Gun tells Micky that he found the culprit behind the crash.

Meanwhile, Mr Park advises the bereaved families that they will take charge of the case against Dynamic System. They hint that the trials might take long and expensive. The pain during the trials may also be unbearable. However they hint that getting compensations might be easier. They end by telling the families that the decision of settling or going into trial is up to them. Once outside, Seung Bum and Mr Park predict that they won’t agree to a settlement. Seung Bum calls Lilly and warns her that Dal Gun is being vocal about the conspiracies to the families. He instructs her to get rid of him quickly.

Dal Gun and Hae Ri Dig Deeper

JM Pacific is the airline that the co-pilot Kim Woo Gi came from. O Sang Mi was also a flight attendant there. JM Pacific belongs to John and Mark. They deduce that Jessica recruited Woo Gi and took advantage of his financial woes.

They find out Mr Park was Jessica’s previous mentor. He reveals that Jessica betrayed him and transferred to John and Mark. Hae Ri recalls that the vice president of John and Mark killed himself in Portugal the day before the crash. She recalls that she was at the crime scene and saw the victim. They speculate that his murder might have been staged because he didn’t want to go along with staging the plane crash.

Mr Park tells Hwang Sook, Hae Ri and Dal Gun to stay in his place instead of going home. He warns them that it isn’t safe for them to go home. However, Lilly and her team are already set up across Mr Park’s apartment. Lilly recognizes Edwark Park as he should have been her client.

Hae Ri and Dal Gun start to Bond

While staying in Mr Park’s place, Hae Ri receives a call from her brother. She warns him not to tell their mother that she’s back in Korea. Seeing Dal Gun step out, she ends the call. Hae Ri encourages him to go back to acting, but seeing his expression makes her apologize. She tells him she remembers what Hoon said about wanting Dal Gun to go back to acting.

Dal Gun researches further into the competition between the two companies, John and Mark and Dynamic System. He finds out John and Mark will be having a charity concert in a hospital.

Meanwhile, Minister Park tries to justify why his choice is John and Mark despite its hefty price. The other officials disagree since Dynamic system is cheaper and their equipment is more superior. They mention the decline in the public opinion of Dynamic System following the plane crash. Expressing concern that this might affect the next presidential election, they request for the opposition to cooperate with them. Photos of Jessica and Minister Park surface.

Hae Ri and her Embarrassing Past With Tae Ung


Getting back to the office, Hae Ri spots Tae Ung in the lobby and hides quickly. It turns out that before leaving for Morocco, Hae Ri got drunk during a company get together. She drunkenly declared that Tae Ung was hers. Her co-workers tried to stop her but fail. Hae Ri kissed Tae Ung much to everyone’s shock.

Presently, Hwa Sook and Hae Ri face Tae Ung. Hae Ri tries to cover up her embarrassment but Tae Ung refuses to listen. He tells her if it were up to him, he would’ve fired her instead of sending her to Morocco. According to him, an agent who drinks herself to oblivion isn’t qualified for the transfer.

Hae Ri is confident that her report about the conspiracy will be received well by the NIS. However, the opposite happens. Min Jae Sik tells her that NIS refuses to investigate due to “insufficient evidence”. Next, there’s not enough that links the conspiracy to John & Mark. Additionally, if John & Mark sues NIS for this, it will be an embarrassment to them. They will lose their jobs if they proceed. Hae Ri finds out that not investigating is the director’s direct order. Also, she will be transferred to another country and that she has to keep Dal Gun quiet until she leaves.

Tae Ung sees Hae Ri storm out of the office. He then meets Gang Joo Cheol. He laments that Hae Ri might be telling the truth. They would be neglecting their duties if they don’t investigate. Joo Cheol encourages him to either cooperate or be ostracized like he is.

The Second Attempt On Dal Gun’s Life

Kwang Deok calls Dal Gun to apologize for what happened. He invites him for lunch as compensation. However, Lilly follows close behind them and hacks into the car Dal Gun is in. The car loses its brakes and Dal Gun and Kwang Deok are in danger. Dal Gun takes over the driving from Kwang Deok, who realizes that Lilly’s car is following close behind them. They maneuver and weave their way through crowded streets until their car crashes and turns over. Kwang Deok finally realizes that Dal Gun is telling the truth.

As the charity concert ends, Jessica heads off but Dal Gun arrives with his wrecked car. He finally faces Jessica.



Dal Gun and Hae Ri’s return to Korea turned out to be risky and dangerous. Hae Ri’s job is in jeopardy as she refuses to accept NIS’ turning away from the plane crash investigation. Meanwhile, Dal Gun continues to be in danger as he gets closer to the truth behind the B357 plane crash.

Vagabond streams on Netflix.

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