K-Drama Couch: “Big Issue” & “Possessed” Create Buzzes On First Outing

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Relatively threading on plot heavy series, the current batch of 2019 Korean Dramas continues to solidify its trajectory.

Although star-studded, the viewership ratings for this batch of K-Dramas seem not to be high in generating consistent online buzz. That can be accredited to the selection of stories that is mainly traversing serious tones.

With new additions which are also taking serious themes and minimal light series which cushion the generally plot-heavy roster, the audiences are encourage to space out drama watching. Even our team can barely cope up with it.

Big Issue and Possessed via SBS and OCN both premiered at a high note. Crime, legal and thrillers still predominantly lead the genres taken by the production companies for this period.

Here is the roster of 2019 Korean Dramas  currently airing:


My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2 (KBS)

Haechi (SBS)

Item (MBC)

The Crowned Clown (tvN)

The Light in Your Eyes (jTBC)


Liver or Die (KBS2)

Touch Your Heart (tvN)

Big Issue (SBS)*Premiere


Fiery Priest (SBS)

Legal High (jTBC)


Romance Is A Bonus Book (tvN)

My Only One (KBS)

My Healing Love (MBC)

Read through the highlights of the dramas you might have missed below.

*Covers March 4 – March 10, 2019.

**Note: weekend and daily dramas are not included in Hellokpop’s weekly roundup coverage

***Disclaimer: Some K-Dramas we really do not cover. We choose our K-Drama battles wisely.




Prince Yeoning is finally owning up to his abilities. This week, the heroes of Haechi successfully nailed their plan to stop the Norons, that has been also facing internal dispute. A year after Prince Yeoning’s unfortunate emotional setback losing his father and brother, he carefully devises a plan to cause problems to the political ruling party.

In the end, the reigning King chooses his half-brother to be his heir, and the second in line to the throne. Mun Su finally passes the exam fair and square after the unveiling of the corruption in the civil service exam. He finally suits up as an investigator serving Saheonbu. Meanwhile, Yeo Ji almost loses her life after an assassin of the Prime Minister mistook her for Prince Yeoning. The latter is slowly feeling fondness that he can’t explain towards the justice-seeking girl.

Achieving victories is a pleasant feeling for period dramas. However, knowing the usual trend, the happiness for sure will mean expected problems to be tackled.



Plagued by misfortunes, I am curious if the hero of item will still find a light in the neverending tunnel orchestrated by the uber nefarious villain who has been rampaging on his psychopath streak in the show. There are just a lot of plot movements in the story that as a viewer I am overwhelmed to a point where I can’t pinpoint if the plot or the characters, or both, are draining me.

Gon confronts his niece strange death situation. As he got a signal from a limbo she was taken to by Se Hwang’s book, he is determined to race through time to save her before her picture fades. However, Se Hwang cuts up his initiating attempt and takes back the bracelet from him in the fading scene of this week’s episode.

Interestingly because I empathized so much on Gon, I will patiently get through this series with him. If he is so patient with all the adversities thrown at him, I will support him as a viewer. So, dear drama, we better have a gratifying closure out of all the exhausting weeks that we are here to support you.


The Crowned Clown

tvN Facebook Page

It was an action-packed and great finale for The Crowned Clown.

Ha Seon is able to cleanse the palace, defeats the rebels and keeps the peace. Although his reign has been marred by intense internal power struggle, he has triumphed through it. A lot of people sacrificed their lives in the quest to create the country Secretary Lee and the people dreamed of, and in a way, Ha Seon succeeds.

The lowly clown has set an example and he may have abdicated the throne, but his legacy remains. Secretary Lee and Officer Jang have given up their lives for someone who fulfilled his promise, and as a result, the country is at peace.

I am going to miss Yeo Jin Goo and his dual characters. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the plot unfold and how the conflicts were resolved.


The Light In Your Eyes *Image via JTBC Facebook page*

The Light In Your Eyes *Image via JTBC Facebook page*

Hye Ja makes startling discoveries in this week’s episodes of The Light in Your Eyes. First, she already found the current owner of the watch and realizes that he can also turn back time. Secondly, she witnesses her father with a prosthetic leg. He lost his leg in a car accident.




Poong Sang receives yet another heartbreak this week. Boon Sil takes out a loan of 20,000 dollars and pays his mom to donate her liver. However, she chickens out in the operating room and escapes. The siblings all get upset at her. But Poong Sang gets hurt the most and tries to turn everyone away.  Meanwhile, Joong Yi finds out about her father’s sickness.

The other siblings try to donate their own livers. Hwa Sang runs away with her husband as Wae Sang continues to stay with the gang.


Big Issue

Neat and smart were my first impressions on Big Issue. Top-billed by reliable actors known for excellent portrayals, Han Ye Seul and Joo Jin Moo are forces to reckon in their new series.

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Touch Your Heart


Jung Rok and Yoon Seo continue to grow in their relationship. It is fun seeing the two of them discover things about each other which makes their bond stronger. She wants to tell Jung Rok the true reason she is working at the law firm, but she decides not to do it, yet. Jung Rok, sensing her hesitation, understands that she has to keep it for her sake, and he is willing to wait until she is ready to reveal it.

As they continue to explore the thrills of being in a secret relationship, Lee Gang Joon is getting in the way. People from Yoon Seo’s agency did not tell her about Lee Gang Joon’s return, and she has to find out in the most shocking way.

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OCN Facebook Page

Kang Pil Sung is not your average detective. He is good at his job though he likes to work alone. His colleagues respect him although they often comment about his appearance. After chasing a suspect, he crosses paths with Hong Seo Jung, a woman with supernatural abilities.

Pil Sung is not a believer of ghosts and other things he can’t see, but through Seo Jung, his third eye is opened. She tells him that he has been sensitive to beings even though he can’t see them, and that she only helps him unlock his potential.

A serial murderer, who happens to worship another serial killer, is on the loose. He is a surgeon who saves lives by day, but his nightly activity involves killing people. Seo Jung has sensed a bad aura from him, although Pil Sung and the rest of the police are yet to identify the murderer.

The killer Sun Yang Woo goes to a powerful shaman’s house and requests to perform a ritual to summon the spirit of Hwang Dae Doo. He takes a woman hostage and threatens the shaman he will kill woman in front of her if she refuses to do her bidding.



The Fiery Priest

Images from SBS

Father Kim Hae Il continues to antagonize the leaders of the Gudam community. He confronts the religious leader, Lee Moon Sik, the person appointed to take over the welfare facility. Prosecutor Park Kyung Sun reports Kang Seok Tae and Jung Dong Ja about Seo Seung A’s informant. After she leaves, Jung Dong Ja tells Kang Seok Tae to consider the addition of Kyung Sun to their group, seeing her loyalty to them, to which the lawyer agrees.

Father Hae Il and Kyung Sun bump into each other at the local convenience store. She tells him that if he has to investigate, he must do it properly. At his house, Hae Il posts the article photos of the big players in the Gudam community on his wall and ponders on their connections.

Meanwhile, Detective Koo Dae Young is having nightmares about the “hell” Father Hae Il describes to him. He goes to the church to have some peace. As the priest confronts Moon Sik, he accidentally hits Koo Dae Young. After waking up, Detective Koo declares that he will help defend the church. Father Hae Il is still doubtful and tells Han Sung Kyu that he does not need him to be on his side.

Prosecutor Park is digging into the identity of Father Hae Il, and her contact in the NIS tells her that the priest is no ordinary man as he has no access to the information about him. Father Hae Il, Koo Dae Young and Seo Seung A go to the food factory, which distributed spoiled products and causing a little kid to be hospitalized. A brawl ensues between the Priest and Hwang Cheol Bum’s men.


Legal High | jTBC

Legal High | jTBC

Tae Rim takes the hit due to a case that pitted prosecutors and judges. As a result, the firm lost all his clients. In the meantime, Jae In works hard to try to understand Tae Rim’s quirky habits. Additionally, Jae In is starting to discover parts of Tae Rim that make him less of a monster pervert and more humane.




Romance is a Bonus Book

K-Dramas have really their own ways on sweetly hyping house dates. Who wouldn’t want to be bundled with a blanket and around Eun Ho’s arms?

Left to be fully explained come finale episodes is writer Kang’s story and Seo Joon’s real deal. But yes, it would be amazing if Dan Yi returns to Gyeoroo.

I will reserve all my thoughts for the full review.

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