K-Drama First Table Script Read: Park Sung Hoon & Nana’s “Into The Ring”

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Park Sung Hoon and Nana will be bringing an exciting romantic comedy through the office drama Into The Ring in July.

The first script reading scene from Park Sung Hoon and Nana’s upcoming drama, Into The Ring was revealed on May 26.

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Into the Ring is an office romantic comedy about a civil servant, Goo Se Ra portrayed by Nana. She is someone who intervenes, protests, resolves, and also falls in love at the district office.

Nana has previously worked on dramas like The Good Wife, Kill It and Justice; and has won over audience’s hearts with her performances. While, Park Sung Hoon too, has showcased his flawless acting across genres. He recently appeared in Justice and Psychopath Diary.

The first table reading

The script reading stills highlighted a lively ensemble. Screenwriter Hyun Hyun Gyeong and director Hwang Seung Ki and other actors who played major roles such as Nana, Park Sung Hoon, Yoo Da In, Ahn Nae Sang, An Gil Gang, Bae Hae Sun, Han Jun Woo, and Jang Hye Jin attended the event.

It was the perfect script reading that drawn out the passion of the actors as they immersed themselves into their characters in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Nana was the honest and dynamic Goo Se Ra in all aspects, including speech and expression. With her comedic actions, she transformed the reading scene into a sea of ​​laughter.

Park Sung Hoon, who bears the essence of a charming man in this romantic comedy, also added expectations towards his role. In the drama, Park Sung Hoon plays the part of Seo Gong Myung, a level 5 administrative official. He is a man who in spite of being gifted with great intellectual qualities, has a nagging habit of criticising others.

The bright and pleasant energies of Nana and Park Sung Hoon are intertwined as they display their amazing chemistry. Additionally, Ahn Gil Gang, Bae Hae Sun, and Jang Hye Jin added solidity to the reading table.

Also, Yoo Da In and Han Jun Woo, who brings young energy to the drama, showed great synchronization.

Into the Ring will premiere in July via KBS 2TV. It will take over the time slot of Soul Mechanic.

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Image Credit: KBS 2TV