K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Love With Flaws” Consistently Engages With Its Unusual Story Filled With Humor

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Providing the audience with a regular dosage of laughter, Love With Flaws continues with the quest of finding perfect love for two imperfect people.

The persistent game of push and pull for love balanced with well-timed humor, Love With Flaws delivers a full-packed entertainment. Until now, it has been a laughter filled ride, with the creators getting even more creative with the comedic scenarios.

Love with Flaws

Quick Plot Round Up

Joo Seo Yeon is an eccentric woman who judges people by their looks. Having had bad experiences in the past, worsened by living with three handsome brothers, she believes that good-looking men are nothing but trouble.

Lee Kang Woo, on the other hand, is a very handsome man who can make any women fall for him by just staring into their gaze. However, unknown to anybody, he has a trauma caused by an unforgettable incident in the past.

The drama is about how two people with flaws fall in love with each other and learn to accept each other irrespective of everything else.

Love With Flaws


Story So Far

The plot begins with Lee Kang Woo’s return to South Korea. Wishing to heal from his trauma, he seeks treatment which results in him going to his school reunion to face his demons. There, he meets Joo Seo Yeon who turns out to be the cause of his trauma.

As the story progresses, the incidents of the past are revealed. Joo Seo Yeon and Lee Kang Woo used to be friends during their school days. But a misunderstanding occurs when one day Joo Seo Yeon overhears a group of boys bullying Lee Kang Woo and forcing him to propose to Joo Seo Yeon as a prank.

However, Lee Kang Woo had refused the bullies to do their bidding. But Joo Seo Yeon was not aware about the truth. So when Kang Woo confesses his feelings, she thinks it is a lie. Therefore, she rejects him calling him fat and ugly. That incident led to Kang Woo being badly hurt further, causing his trauma.

In the present too, Kang Woo ends up falling for Seo Yeon again. But when he confesses, he receives another rejection with her stating that she cannot be with someone with good looks. However, he still persists in attempts at wooing her and at the end of the 16th episode, there is a long-awaited kiss.

Expectations From The Second Half Of The Series

Now that the misunderstandings are cleared, the next thing to look forward is how love blossoms between the main leads. Besides that, there will be other challenges such as Min Hyuk’s one-side love for Joo Seo Yeon as well as his unspoken rivalry with his cousin.

So far, Min Hyuk has been shown as the nice friendly guy. But having seen Kang Woo always being better off than him, he seems to have plans on retaliating against him. Hopefully, he would not turn completely into a villainous character to ruin the main couple.

The plot is also slowly progressing towards showing the stories of Seo Yeon and Kang Woo’s family members. The upcoming episodes also promises the revelation of the reason Seo Yeon’s deep apprehension for good looks that might be related to the cause of her parents’ death.

As for love, there are a lot of couples in the making. Other than Seo Yeon, there is a high probability that her three brothers too will delve in their own love stories. Similarly, romance is underway for Kim Mi Kyung and Park Hyun Soo. It is only a matter of how and when.

There is still a huge mystery regarding Baek Jang Mi’s intentions and her motives for approaching Seo Yeon. Also, it would be interesting to see how her appearance in Seo Yeon’s life has a role to play in setting the direction to the story.

The journey with Love With Flaws has been quite extraordinary, with its perfect placement of romantic as well as the comedic moments. Each of the characters is great, which is further enhanced by the flawless acting of the actors.

Love With Flaws airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM KST via MBC.

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