K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Partners For Justice 2” Proves Why It Deserves A Second Season

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From a stable opening week, Partners For Justice 2 flows to thrilling stories connecting the remnants of its unsolved case in the first season.

Adding to that, the cases presented on Partners For Justice 2 were pictured in a more elaborated manner. While the first season focused more on Baek Beom, the balance screen time of its efficient class is evident.

Partners for Justice 2

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Jung Jae Young as Baek Beom continues to lead Team NFS, while Jung Yu Mi and Oh Man Suk headline Team Prosecutors as Eun Sol and Do Ji Han.

Crossing the mid mark of the series, No Win Woo as Doctor Jang Cheol has been revealing his identity as an accomplice to high-ranking prosecutors. Hinting his character to have multiple personality disorder, an evil persona appears to take over when his past trauma is too much to handle.

Partners for Justice 2Partners for Justice 2

His normal side is emotionless Doctor Jang Cheol. His dark side is Doctor K. The latter works as a cleaner to crimes commissioned by a powerful businessman.

In addition, he is connected to Chief Prosecutor Gal Dae Cheol, as one who can summon his dark side. This connivance would spin the internal corruption to be unraveled by the good prosecutors.

What to look forward on its second half?

Still picturing interesting crime cases fueling its core stories, the lengthened crime-solving timeframe is noticeable. Such approach would tire out the viewers – but the storytelling has been consistently smart and enticing.

Partners for Justice 2

The episode with simultaneous death of a husband and wife in the brink of divorce and with families fighting over money is particularly engrossing. Showcasing the series’ staple guess-the-killer game, it made use of the combined smarts of the protagonists to solve the case.

Proving the perturbing qualms on Oh Man Sung’s questionable death, the team has unlocked clues to the cryptic DNA found on a burnt body presumed to be his.

However, a murder case eventually proves that Oh Man Sung is alive, and that his death was staged. By injecting bone marrow, the psychopath Oh Man Sung was able to live freely by faking his death. Thereafter, the police reopen the case to search for him after his secretary gave him time to escape.

Down to the second stretch, Partners For Justice 2 looks ready to wrap up Oh Man Sung’s case. Whether something more ominous is bound to happen involving Dr. K – is something to anticipate.

Partners For Justice 2 will mark its finale episode on July 23 via MBC.

Partners for Justice 2


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