K-Drama Mid Series Check: “Tale Of Fairy” Keeps Viewers Under A Spell Amidst Untidy Storyline

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Hope that everything will make sense for Tale of Fairy before it ends. That is the sole heartfelt plea I have been appealing to any K-Drama deities hearing me in the last four weeks. *grin

Strangely though, even with its sporadic storytelling, Tale of Fairy still draws curiosity. It makes the audience want to see all the scattered puzzle pieces to make sense.

What’s even more strange is how despite all the plot execution mayhem, the well scattered humor tranquilizes the weak narrative.

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Tale of Fairy

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Mid Series Quick Recap

Settling to her journey of defying amnesia which transcended in the last 699 years, Fairy Seon (Moon Chae Won) hopes for the best to find the reincarnation of her husband.

Professor Jung (Yoon Hyun Min) and Kim Geum (Seo Ji Hoon) are both drawn to Fairy Seon. While others see her as an old woman, the two see her in her fairy appearance. Hence, both are presumed to be threading on the ultimate husband twist of the plot.

A few flashbacks from the fairy world also reveals Fairy Seon’s other love story with a fellow enchanted being.

Scenes with her vanished husband also picture two possibilities. At some point, it even raises disorientation in leading the audience to a wait-who’s-really-the-husband-hullabaloo game.

Strips of side stories are also not helping because the supporting cast’ stories seem detached to the whole plot. Jeom Seon (Mina) has scored a writing deal and requested Geum to stand in for her. She has also a looming dangerous interaction with a cute campus guy, and we can’t blame her for that. Fairy Seon’s friends from Mt. Gyeryong are still embarking on a sojourn after getting lost while heading to Seoul.

Halfway mark ends on a note with Geum challenging Fairy Seon’s belief if Professor Jung is really the husband she should be waiting for.

Mid Series Afterthoughts

Tale of Fairy is a test of patience, with its messy writing, bits of vague clues, and confusing reincarnation plot, which are not coherent to the narrative.

It is breaking my heart that Geum’s heart is breaking when we still don’t know if it is worth that pain. *chuckles

Could it be that Fairy Seon has memory problems too? Because with a story that does not make sense, anything can be thrown you see. *giggles

I am also not crossing the possibility of Geum being the offspring of Fairy Seon and Professor Jung’s, whose soul is trapped inside the egg. But then it called Geum “dad”, so I am not dwelling much on it.

I have a chaotic detective board in trying to decipher this drama. It is making me excited that at the end of it all loyal viewers like me—who put up with all those where-am-I moments after watching it weekly—would get satisfying answers.

The quick insertions that hint the characters’ reincarnated connections need to be polished. There are key points that Geum could be the husband, but there are also flashbacks that it could be Professor Jung. Both have also sneak peeks of their past lives as the wood cutter. But the romance is threading between Fairy Seon and Professor Jung.

This guess-the-husband-by-being-patient-with-the-plot game is not cute to be honest. Injecting cohering flashbacks to fit in the flow of the story is a necessity in the remaining episodes. There’s not much drawing points to root for Professor Jung and Fairy Seon since the romance line is awkward to begin with. So let’s hope the series is saving the best for its last stretch.

Tale of Fairy airs on tvN every Monday and Tuesday.

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