K-Drama Premiere: “365: Repeat The Year” Begins A Thrilling Game That Involves Altering Fate

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Delving on the what-if’s of life, 365: Repeat The Year has a lot of mysteries to unfold.

The creators of the drama 365: Repeat The Year have so far managed to keep the thrilling suspense lingering as there is a hint of unexpected twists throughout the story.

365: Repeat The Year

The drama unfolds the journey of a group of people who get an opportunity to reset their lives, but after they did, they start questioning if it was worth the price. The premiere week episodes were intriguing; and being a fantasy drama, there are so many possible routes for the story to follow.

365: Repeat The Year

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The drama stars Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun, and Kim Ji Soo in the main roles. Lee Joon Hyuk plays Ji Hyung Joo,  who is a detective, and Nam Ji Hyun plays Shin Ga Hyun, a successful webtoon artist. Both these people travel to the past to change the courses of their lives. Meanwhile, steering the fates of these people is Lee Shin, who is portrayed by Kim Ji Soo.

365: Repeat The Year

Premiere Week Recap

A set of unfortunate events

Ji Hyung Joo is a competent detective from the Violent Crimes Investigation Unit. One day, he gets attacked by Oh Myung Chul (Baek Soo Jang) who is a criminal arrested by him in the past. Oh Myung Chul has been diagnosed with brain tumor and has only three months live. Feeling bitter at the people who jailed him, he murdered the prosecutor and the judge who were responsible for his case. He does not kill Hyung Joo, but rather to inflict a greater suffering on him, he kills Park Sun Ho (Lee Sung Wook), a close colleague of Hyung Joo.

One year has passed since the incident. Yet Hyung Joo is still traumatized from the incident. Fate seems unfair as Oh Myung Chul’s surgery was successful and he is going to live.

Shin Ga Hyun is a successful writer of the popular webtoon, The Hidden Killer. However, a year later, she is handicapped after she meets an accident while she was on the search for her missing dog.

A mysterious phone call and a second chance

Hyung Joo receives a call from an unknown woman, who states that an accident is going to occur and also mentions the statistics. Later the next day, he sees on the news what the woman had predicted turned out to be true. He receives an invite to the Zion clinic for further discussion.

A group of 11 people were present on the scheduled meeting day, including Ji Hyung Joo and Shin Ga Hyun. The woman who invited these people introduces herself as Lee Shin (Kim Ji Soo). Lee Shin discloses that she has found a way to go back to the past, and she would present the opportunity to them to go back to exactly a year in the past.

Traveling to the past would not occur physically. Rather their past selves would get memories of their future so that they can make use of the lost opportunities. Except for one person at the meeting, everyone else agrees to take upon the chance.

Life after resetting

The group has now travelled back a year ago to the past. Since Hyung Joo already knows what is going to happen in the future, he manages to save Sun Ho and brings Oh Myung Chul behind bars.

Things are not the same for Ga Hyun though. She followed different actions from the past and discovered that her fiancee Han Woo Jin (Im Hyun Soo) was cheating on her with her best friend, Min Joo Young (Min Do Hee)

Meanwhile, the group meets at Zion clinic again as per discussion with Lee Shin. There, they receive a bad news that Park Young Gil (Jun Suk Ho) had died after travelling to the past. Lee Shin explains that as the group moved to the past, they blacked out for sometime, and Young Gil at that time was driving his car which caused his demise.

Occurrence of more mysterious events

Apparently, Park Young Gil’s death was not the only unfortunate death as more unfortunate incidents follow. Another member from the resetting group, Choi Kyung Man (Im Ha Ryung), died of heart attack.

Meanwhile, Min Joo Young becomes a victim of a hit and run accident. She meets with the accident at the exact same spot and the same time where Ga Hyun also had the accident prior to the reset.

Perturbed by the fact that her friend might have faced her destined fate, Ga Hyun consults Lee Shin and expresses her desire to return back to how things were before. Lee Shin suggests hypnosis to Ga Hyun so that they can track who was responsible for both Ga Hyun and Joo Young’s circumstances.

Unlocking her memories, Ga Hyun finds out that the car belongs to Kim Dae Sung (Sung Hyuk), fiancee of Seo Yeon Soo (Lee Shi A)o of the members of the reset group. When Ga Hyun confronts Yeon Soo, she feigns innocence. But on digging further into the matter Ga Hyun realizes that Yeon Soo has been lying to her. Later, she learns that Yeon Soo had actually never received a call from Lee Shin to attend the meeting.

Suspecting Lee Shin of foul play, Ga Hyun decides to reveal it to the group. She calls them and informs them of her connection with Yeon Soo. Things get more twisted when Hyung Joo arrives and arrests Ga Hyun for being a suspect of Yeon Soo’s murder.

365: Repeat The Year

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

The first two episodes of 365: Repeat The Year has been anything but predictable. Offering a thrilling narrative, the drama is filled with lots of intense and tumultuous events.

So far, it is evident that these group of people were brought together due to some connection and it is not random at all. Already three people from the group had died within the first two episodes thus ensuing a contest for survival.

Lots of questions arise after the events from the premiere week episodes. From here onward, it is only going to be a bumpy road ahead as the group struggle to survive while also unveiling the motive behind the occurrences.

365: Repeat The Year airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm KST time slot via MBC.

Images and Video Credit: MBC


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