K-Drama Premiere: “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Wagers Richly Sketched Characters Set To Heal Your Heart With Love

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An adorably meddlesome angel tasked to make a cold-hearted ballerina feel love again, spins the story of Angel’s Last Mission: Love.

For its opening salvo, Angel’s Last Mission: Love billows a whirlwind of tears and cuteness from its main leads Kim Myung Soo and Shin Hye Sun.

Premiere Week Rating:

Angel's Last Mission: Love

The newest romance drama offering from KBS2 notched well-received viewership ratings scoring as high as 9.2% and 8.6% on its second and fourth episodes based on Nielsen Korea’s tally.

Drawing a clear picture of its trajectory, Angel’s Last Mission: Love also delineated the main characters that will give life to the story. It also presented the foreseen conflicts to which the story will revolve.

Premiere Week Recap

Heiress Lee Yeon Seo lost her eyesight which led to her taking a hiatus as a prima ballerina. Owing to her misfortune, she became bad-tempered and recluse, often on a nit-pick spree to her house servants. Her driver-bodyguard Mr. Jo, who has raised her practically, is the only person who understands her pain. Firmly protecting Yeon Seo from her greedy aunt, Mr. Jo works hard on getting a cornea donor for her. But everytime they are close to getting one, a late minute hitch would ruin the chance for Yun Seo to get her eyesight back.

Meanwhile, troublemaker Angel Dan is in the brink of closing his missions so he can go back to paradise. Albeit leaving a few justice serving mishaps, the senior angel guiding him patiently reminds him of avoiding human interference. However, when awaits his last mission, he crosses path with Yeon Seo. The blind heiress seem to have sensed his presence after her debacle with two baddies demeaning her disability. He left his handkerchief, which his senior reminded him to keep with him at all times.

The cold-hearted ballerina

Pressed with time, Angel Dan goes to Yeon Seo’s house to retrieve the cloth, but is unsuccessful in doing so. The next day, Yeon Seo braves the pity and surprise looks from people as she attends the 20th anniversary of the ballet company founded by her parents. Greeted by her aunt and her family, she goes to a vacant space dancing freely and sadly while her cousin, who used to be her understudy flows on the stage, as one of the highlights in the celebration. Marveling at her graceful dance, Angel Dan picks his handkerchief placed by her near a window sill.

In the succeeding party, Yeon Seo bitterly makes a speech which did not make her aunt happy. On their way home, Mr. Jo continues to cheer up the lady, whom he has already treated as his own daughter, and promises that he will do everything he can so he can see her smile brightly again.

Unbeknownst to them, that will be the last time that they will be together. Feeling the car’s erratic movement, it eventually lost its break and hangs on a thread at a roadside gutter. Drawing a desperate plea, Yeon Seo calls for help which was heard by Angel Dan. Facing a dilemma of helping the prickly girl or not, Angel Dan inevitably helped Yeon Seo get another chance in life. Ji Kang Woo (Lee Dong Gun), a ballet company director, finds the wrecked car and calls for help.

Angel Dan’s Last Mission

Given another chance to live, Yeon Seo wakes up to a brand new eyes. Her new beginning though caused her unimaginable pain as the only person who cares for her, Mr. Jo, did not survive the accident and left her one last gift — his eyes. With her eyesight back, Yeon Seo suffers another problem as she struggles to walk. The doctor’s explanation points to a trauma she has acquired because of the accident and Mr. Jo’s passing. Following the doctor’s suggestion, they search for the right secretary who will help aid Yun Seo’s quest to overcome her trauma.

After his last rule-breaking, Angel Dan is ready to receive his punishment, but he was given another chance with a last mission that he has to fulfill. The mission puts him on a cute bargaining since he was asked to find “true love” for Yeon Seo. Complaining how the girl does not have any love veins present in her body, Angel Dan confronts a challenging mission that will change not just Yeon Seo’s life, but his as well.

Taking a human form for the next 100 days, Angel Dan becomes Yeon Seo’s butler who will devise a way for her to believe in love again.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

After all the unfortunate events that happened to Yun Seo, Angel Dan’s last mission is really something I will vouch for. Projecting the stark contrast of the detached heiress and optimistic angel provided a nice play to the audience’ emotions on the series first takeoff. I cried, smiled and felt plenty of emotions which is a good sign for me as a viewer of this new series. Story movements always trump safe flowing narrative.

Just like how Angel Dan analyzed how Yun Seo’s heart became cold in the process, it is hard not to sympathize to Shin Hye Sun’s “poor little rich girl” character. Shin’s rendition of Yun Seo is palpable so far, not to mention interesting because she induces sympathy and yet there’s an air of defiance that you want to peel off slowly but surely. As is the case for narratives with dysfunctional family theme, having a vulnerable yet valiant heroine is a bonus. Her interaction with the mischief-making angel, and how they will bicker along the way. Let’s add Kim Myung Soo’s delightful comic charm and smile-inducing dimples and we are sure to be on a spirited drive on this newest fantasy romance.

Will Angel Dan complete his mission? Will Yun Seo shine brightly on stage again? Angel’s Last Mission: Love airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2.

Fans can watch it on VIU.


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