K-Drama Premiere: “Doctor John” Prescribes Subtle Valuable Life Lessons On Its First Outing

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Ji Sung’s newest character in Doctor John sparks interest in unraveling its back story.

Scoring imposing numbers on its premiere, Doctor John aims to continue the thriving Friday-Saturday drama spot of SBS.

Doctor John

Premiere Week Rating:

A focused introduction of its main leads, Ji Sung and Lee Se Young commenced the story of Doctor John. Fragments of their characters’ past were also told in passing, as well as the supporting characters ready to antagonize the hero of the story.

Doctor John

Premiere Week Recap

Imprisoned because of administering euthanasia to his patient, Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung) is closed to completing his prison time. Famous for his skills, he was once a hot shot pain medicine professor.

Meanwhile, Kang Si Young (Lee Se Young), an aspiring anaesthesiologist, struggles to get past the trauma of losing her first patient. Planning to escape somewhere that won’t remind her of the past, she agrees to work part-time as per her uncle’s request at a penitentiary.

Doctor John

When an inmate gets rushed to the hospital for a rare disease, Si Young receives instructions from Yo Han regarding the patient’s diagnosis. However, the resident ER doctor refuses to proceed with the treatment without a solid proof from the test results.

With time running out for the patient to which Yo Han has grown attached to, he goes to the hospital as soon as he gets released from jail. Causing a commotion at the hospital, he leads Si Young to administer the cure for the disease. Thereby saving the patient, whose family members have died because of the genetic sickness that was not properly treated.

Two years later, Si Young returns to her hospital residency. On her first day, she sees Yo Han beginning his first day too as a professor of the teaching hospital.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Engrossing because of the distinction of the main leads characters, Doctor John has a lot to prove in the next chapters to deserve its numbers.

The emotional portrayal of Lee Se Young and gravitating charm of Ji Sung’s new character felt engaging. But the story set in the world of anesthesiologist appeared bland in providing stories out of the medical cases.

Doctor John

For its opening salvo, the story alluded to two types of prisons experienced by humans. The literal prison set by the rules of law, and the internal prison that we tend to use to escape from our woes.

Additionally, mercy killing was lightly discussed in a memorable confrontation by the main leads. Thereby, hinting to touch sensitive yet inspiring messages to be unearthed in the story. Ergo, the series could be taking more healing moments for the audience to ponder.

Notably, for medical dramas which typically make use of its more familiar fields of specialization, tackling pain medicine would ideally pique the viewers’ interest.

Doctor John airs on SBS every Friday and Saturday. Fans can watch it on VIU.

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