K-Drama Premiere: “Find Me In Your Memory” Drifts Into A Love Story Between Two People Who Are Polar Opposites Of Each Other

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While both the main leads are painfully hurt, they have different coping mechanisms in Find Me In Your Memory.

Seeking to heal from painful memories, Find Me In Your Memory sets sails on exploring romance of an ill-fitted couple. The drama is about a man who remembers everything devoid of the ability to forget and a woman suffering from memory loss. Unknown to them, there is a hidden link that serves as a connection between the two.

Find Me In Your Memory

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Headlined by Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young, the drama delves on the pain caused due to remembrance as well as forgetfulness. Kim Dong Wook plays Lee Jung Hoon, a famous news anchor who suffers from hyperthymesia, a trait that allows him to remember everything. On the other hand, Moon Ga Young’s character, Yeo Ha Jin, is an actress suffering from amnesia.

Find Me In Your Memory

Premiere Week Recap

Lee Jung Hoon is a successful new anchor with a cold demeanor. He has developed the ability to remember everything from his early childhood itself. This ability serves him well in his job, especially in memorizing the long news scripts. He also uses this ability in exposing his interviewees of their mistakes and lies from the past.

Yeo Ha Jin is a well-known actress with an eccentric personality. She seems to be a carefree person unperturbed by other people’s comments. Even though there are scandal news about her everyday with some obsessed fans hating on her, she does not dwell on them too much.

To promote her upcoming movie, Ha Jin is the next guest scheduled to be interviewed by Jung Hoon. Sticking with his old method of interviewing, Jung Hoon brings up Ha Jin’s past comments on her social media and accuses her for being fickle-minded.

Find Me In Your Memory

Responding to the question, Ha Jin states a phrase that causes Jung Hoon to freeze for a moment. Apparently, Jung Seo Yeon (Lee Joo Bin), his ex lover, too had said the same thing in the past.

After the interview, the two part ways only to be brought together by Choi Hee Sang (Jang Young Nam), the director of Jung Hoon’s news agency. The director felt apologetic towards Ha Jin for getting criticized because of the interview and therefore called Jung Hoon to apologize. However, after the director left, the two end up in a verbal banter in the street.

The next day, a new scandal resurfaces involving Lee Jung Hoon and Yeo Ha Jin. Some reporter had captured their pictures together, and according to news outlets, both are having an affair. Thus, the push and pull relationship begins between the two.

However, there are more things under the wraps. Jung Hoon’s friend, Yoo Tae Eun (Yoon Jong Hoon), who is also his doctor, has also a connection with Ha Jin as it turns out that the actress is also his patient.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

As rare as it might be, hyperthymesia seems to be a condition that has been over-used in K-dramas. Another trope that has been used to a greater amount is amnesia. Find Me In Your Memory has got both of these conditions and this can be a turn-off for drama watchers who have seen similar tropes in the past. However, Moon Ga Young makes the drama enjoyable with her character’s quirky actions, which adds a bit of humor in this extremely sad drama.

The drama though depicts well on how remembering painful memories of the past can inflict a great suffering, especially of one that is unforgettable. Similarly, not remembering anything is a sad thing too.

Both the characters are quite interesting and have differently ways in dealing with their issues. While Jung Hoon seems to have shut himself off from others keeping to himself, Ha Jin lives her life by doing things freely.

What was unexpected was that the creators did not keep the audience waiting on the revelation of Ha Jin’s identity. Now, we know that she is actually Seo Yeon’s friend, which explains why she knows her favorite phrase or her connection with ballet.

The premiere week episodes are not juicy enough to keep the audience intrigued, and there are not any memorable moments either. But we have not gotten much look in the main characters’ past either, so we can still hope that the future episodes have the potential to surprise us.

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