K-Drama Premiere: “I Wanna Hear Your Song” Overloads Its Premiere Week, Sets Up Its Own Charm Through Mysterious Pasts

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KBS2 premiered its newest mystery thriller, I Wanna Hear Your Song.

The unique concept of an orchestra setting for I Wanna Hear Your Song provides viewers with an entertaining backdrop for its main story line. Gugudan member Kim Se Jeong has certainly matured and improved her acting in her newest drama.

However, it is Yeon Woo Jin who attracts attention right away, because of his spunky and mysterious character Jang Yoon. He suddenly appears beside Kim Se Jeong’s character Hong Yi Young, and pesters her at first, but ultimately catches her attention.

I Wanna Hear Your Song


Premiere Week Rating: 

The premiere week seemed muddled due to the overload of confusing story lines and too many characters. Some parts may be dragging because there are too many layers of mystery that are yet to be uncovered. Viewers might feel like they missed out on some scenes because of the fast change of scenes.

However, the highlight of the premiere week was Jang Yoon and Yi Young’s interactions. Additionally, the mystery that surrounds the main characters intrigues the viewers enough to want to come back for the following weeks.


Yi Young is a timpanist who suffers greatly from insomnia. Since she is also trying out for the Shinyoung Philharmonic orchestra, she has to keep practicing. Yi Young has been rejected 17 times within the last few years. So instead, she tries to stay busy and support herself with her part-time jobs. Yi Young teaches the timpani to young children. Also, since she is also unable to sleep at night, she works as a driver. Finally, Yi Young went to the audition, but made a huge mistake. She accidentally let go of her mallet during her audition. Dejected, Yi Young was convinced that she would not get into the orchestra anymore.

Yi Young tries to get comfort from her younger boyfriend, Jae Hyeong. But she finds out from a woman named Ha Eun Joo that he’s been cheating on her with Eun Joo. Yi Young feels even more depressed after the double whammy. She tries to comfort herself with ramen.

The Mysterious Part-Timer

Suddenly, a man appears mysteriously beside her and offers his services. As his part-time job, he is tasked to sing Yi Young to sleep every night. At exactly 11:50 pm, he calls Yi Young to help her go to sleep. To her surprise, Jang Yoon successfully puts her to sleep by singing. Although he doesn’t have a stellar voice, she is oddly charmed by this strange man. But Jang Yoon has secrets of his own.

I Wanna Hear Your Song


One day, the conductor Nam Joo Wan calls Yi Young. He tells her that he decided to accept her into the orchestra despite her mistake. Joo Wan gets her a present afterwards and then takes her home. Yi Young can’t remember, but apparently Joo Wan has known her for a long time.

Yi Young’s First Day

On her first day with the orchestra, Yi Young finds out that the orchestra has negative feelings towards her. Malicious posts about her being Joo Wan’s favorite circulated on the anonymous forum. Along with the cold welcome she received from the members, Yi Young is visibly affected.

Suddenly, Eun Joo appears. She is the girl who Yi Young’s boyfriend cheated with. Eun Joo heads toward a girl and accuses her of uploading the photo of her with Jae Hyeong.

The sudden arrival of Jang Yoon also shocks Yi Young. Joo Wan introduces the former as the new pianist. He is as cool as a cucumber when he takes a seat behind the piano, not noticing Yi Young’s shocked expression. Jang Yoon is asked to play a song for the rest of the orchestra. He obliges and notices Yi Young clapping along with everyone else. But Yi Young’s initial nervousness gets the best of her as she makes a mistake during the rehearsal. Joo Wan decides to end the rehearsal after.

As expected, Yi Young is again feeling very disappointed. She rejects Jang Yoon’s friendly teasing, and later on, his scheduled call to help her sleep. Meanwhile, Eun Joo meets Joo Wan. She wants to confirm her suspicions with him. She thinks that Joo Wan held the auditions for the orchestra because he’s interested in Yi Young. Instead of answering, he kisses her.

Yi Young’s New Neighbor

I Wanna Hear Your Song

Screencap from Viu

The next morning, Yi Young wakes up to the sound of movers. Again, Jang Yoon manages to shock her when she finds out he moved in next door. He invites her to practice the timpani. She agrees to join him. But Jang Yoon has other plans and takes her to the mountains instead. He tricks her into exercising with him and generally just having fun.

But they discover that the cable car is still closed. Yi Young is upset that Jang Yoon wasted her time and starts to walk away from him. Jang Yoon says, “Let’s go ride the cable car tomorrow morning, Yi Young.”

For some reason, this upsets Yi Young as it triggers a forgotten memory in her. She starts running earnestly away from Jang Yoon, who looks puzzled. When he catches up to her, Jang Yoon demands she tells him why she’s crying that way. She finally admits she doesn’t know and that she doesn’t remember anything.

The final scene shows Yi Young walking in the rain in hospital pajamas, dragging her IV with her. She falls to the ground and cries that she didn’t kill. A man kneels beside her and asks who she killed. Yi Young faints and the man’s face is none other than Jang Yoon’s.


I Wanna Hear Your Song


I’m not sure if it is just me, but the premiere week was a bit confusing at first. In fact, I had to watch it twice to get a clearer picture of what exactly was going on. The drama introduced too many characters that it seemed like an overload of information.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this drama greatly. Yeo Woo Jin had a big part in that. He had an aura about him that makes viewers want to know what his involvement is in Yi Young’s past. Moreover, it’s exciting to know why he’s situating himself around Yi Young.

I can’t blame Joo Wan and Jang Yoon for liking Yi Young. In my opinion, Kim Se Jeong improved greatly as an actress. When she starred in School 2017, she was spunky and had depth. In I Wanna Hear Your Song, Kim seemed to dig deeper within herself and delivered more mature, more complex acting

I Wanna Hear Your Song airs on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday. It also airs on Viu.

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