K-Drama Premiere: “Item” Begins A Bit Cluttered Nonetheless Baits With Interesting Plot & Characters

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Struggling in coherence, Item boasted well-sketched characters but the first outing was a bit safe.

Coming in all directions, MBC’s latest series Item showed the main players of the story with an overview of its supernatural seasoning.


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Portraying the role of Prosecutor Kang Gon, Joo Ji Hoon is set to unravel a series of murder cases pointing to his sworn enemy Jo Se Hwang (Kim Kang Woo).

In addition, Jin Se Yun suits up as a police profiler who is shaping to be the person who helps Gon in unraveling the cryptic killings. Rounding up the main cast is Han Yoo Na (Kim Yu Ri), playing the role of Gon’s friend, who secretly works for Se Hwang.


Premiere Week Recap

A picture of model prosecutor, Kang Gon is unpopular to the office he belongs to owing to his dauntless attitude. His stern expression easily changes to warm smile when he is with his niece. On his graduation day, his brother died on an accident together with his wife, leaving behind his niece Da In. The unfortunate event brought trauma to Da In as she does not speak since then.

Stumbling on a neighborhood commotion, Gon jumps in to search for a man who hurt a wounded woman. They brawl but Gon is no match to the strange strength of his opponent. Sensing the bracelet to be connected to the man’s unimaginable strength, Gon struggles to fight him. Eventually, he falls down to the river beside the building with the bracelet thrown out somewhere.


Little Da In plays with her melodica when she spots the very same bracelet worn by the man with incredible strength. Later on, she goes with his uncle to Seoul as Gon has been summoned back to the central office. They become neighbors with Gon’s partner detective and his daughter Shin So Young (Jin Se Yun).

Meanwhile, Se Hwang (Kim Kang Woo) discovers a thief entered his mansion securing one of his precious items. A crude rich man with a double face, he has a collection of objects which possess supernatural powers.

Owning a mysterious whip, a priest goes around killing known wicked man. At night, he punishes himself of the same whip to wash out his own iniquity.

Investigation begins for the killings, with So Young and Gon’s path appearing to be crossing of the same goal.


Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Messy was my first impression for Item. As I have a special fondness over Joo Ji Hoon, it is shaping to be another drama that I will endure for to watch out of loyalty to a K-Drama oppa.

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Should the series turn the table to a more coherent narration, it would be a nice watch. Given the richness of where its kind of plot can go, it is something feasible.

I am sure more details of its pretext would come out. Hopefully, it will flow in a sane direction, because as much as I want to cheer for the main leads’ sound portrayals; if the navigation is shaky, it would be futile.

Item airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday.


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