K-Drama Premiere: “Love With Flaws” Promises A Laughter Filled Ride Exploring Love Between Two Different People

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A twist of romance added with a pinch of mystery complemented by an overloaded humor results in getting Love With Flaws brewing.

Love With Flaws tells the story about how two imperfect people end up falling in love with each other. The female protagonist Joo Seo Yeon judges people by their looks and believes that good-looking men are nothing but trouble.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang Woo, the male protagonist, is a very handsome man who can make any women fall for him by just staring into their gaze. But beyond his face, he has a trauma which was caused due to an uneventful incident of the past.

K-Drama Premiere Love With Flaws

Oh Yeon Seo dons the character of Joo Seo Yeon, a PE teacher who despises good looking men. On the other hand, Ahn Jae Hyun partakes in the role of Lee Kang Woo, a third generation chaebol who is overwhelmingly narcissistic, and is obsessed with his good looks. The story proceeds to show how these two resolve their differences and grow to love each other.

The drama has an interesting start with lots of absurdity and hilariousness added to its narrative that will throw the audience into fits of laughter.

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Premiere Week Recap

The episode begins with the female lead Joo Seo Yeon, returning on her way home after grocery shopping. However, she gets stopped by some women with one of them accusing her of stealing their boyfriend. Joo Seo Yeon does not seem surprised at the sudden confrontation and explains that she is the younger sister and not the new girlfriend. The women however do not believe her and she gets assaulted. On reaching home Soo Yeon probes her three brothers to find out who is responsible for the mishap. Apparently, all of them were to be blamed.

The male protagonist Lee Kang Woo returns to Korea after a long time as his childhood friend Park Hyun Soo invites him to join his modeling agency. Kang Woo is avoiding his family as he does not want to join the family business. However, his friend rats him out which results in his parents and grandmother trying to force him into the family business.

K-Drama Premiere Love With Flaws

Joo Seo Yeon’s Work Life

Joo Seo Yeon is a P.E. teacher who is passionate about her work. She cares about the students’ welfare but her suggestions often gets disregarded by the Vice-President. Throwing a fit, she always ends up doing something embarrassing things which are regularly witnessed by Lee Min Hyuk, the shy school doctor at Seo Yeon’s school, and he seems to be harboring a crush on Seo Yeon.

However, Min Hyuk seems to have a problem which he cannot refrain from speaking the truth. After the Vice-President’s flower pot got accidentally destroyed by Seo Yeon, he quickly pointed her as the culprit much before she could own up to her mistake. Thus, she ended up getting in trouble. But he is trying to pursue her and get her attention with his quirky way.

Meanwhile, Seo Yeon is concerned about Joo Hee, one of the athlete students. Joo Hee has consistently missing out on classes. She later finds out that Joo Hee was kicked out of her place as she could not pay her rent. After getting abandoned by her family, Joo Hee was working as a delivery person while taking a refuge at a sauna. Realizing that Joo Hee has no place to go, Seo Yoon takes her under her wing.

Joo Seo Yeon’s Personal Life

Seo Yeon’s parents died when she was in middle school so it’s only her and her brothers living together. Won Jae, Seo Yeon’s oldest brother, runs a car showroom. He is a reputed player who plays with the hearts of rich women. But he cares for his siblings and is a loving older brother to Seo Yeon. Whenever anyone comments on him and Seo Yeon not looking alike, he would quickly disregard them.

Her second brother Won Seok is openly gay and runs a gay bar. The youngest brother Seo Jun is a popular idol trainee at an entertainment company, and is set to make a debut as a visual of the group. Seo Jun studies in the same school where Seo Yeon is the P.E. teacher. Unlike his appearance, he is a scaredy cat and cannot sleep when he is alone at home.

Kim Mi Kyung is Seo Yeon’s best friend since their school days, and is a teacher in the same school as her. Peas of the same pod, they know everything about each other.

The reason why Seo Yeon hates handsome guys

A flashback shows that Seo Yeon’s mother got married to her step-father, who already has two good-looking sons. And her younger brother was born after their parents’ marriage. Blessed with good looks, her brothers were always popular and that has caused her various kinds of problems. Hence, she is repulsed by good looking men.

Moving back to present, Seo Yeon has a boyfriend Oh Jung Tae who is an average looking guy. He calls her up to meet at Fantasia, a popular spot where couples propose each other. Presuming that Jung Tae is planning to propose to her, she excitedly goes to meet him. But she is appalled to know Jung Tae has gone through procedural changes of his face and becomes handsome now. Alongside his looks, Jung Tae’s demeanor has too changed and he suggests a breakup since she does not suit him anymore. This further cements Seo Yeon’s belief that good looking guys cannot be trusted.

Lee Kang Woo’s Trauma

Unknown to anybody, Kang Woo has a secret which involves his painful past. He was fat during his childhood and therefore excessively works out to keep in shape. During his school days, Kang Woo had a traumatic experience, and whenever he is reminded of that time, he starts having irritable bowel syndrome and has to frequent the bathroom.

He visits a psychiatrist to treat his trauma. On delving further, Kang Woo reveals that he has subconsciously been drawing a picture of a woman but cannot remember the face. The woman however is someone that has bullied Kang Woo during his school days. The psychiatrist deduces that the faceless woman is the key to treating Kang Woo’s ailment.

To confront his demons, he goes to his school reunion. Coincidentally, Seo Yeon and Mi Kyung are from the same school as him. When reached at the location where the reunion was taking place, everyone at the scene were awestruck by his looks and confidence. While Seo Yeon remains unfazed and shows no interest to him, which irks him. On further interaction, he discovers she was the one who rejected him in school because he was fat and ugly.

A flashback shows that after some days of rejecting him, Soo Yeon texted Kang Woo asking him to meet so that they could talk. However, she never showed up to meet him. Feeling betrayed, he overate the night before his school’s field trip. As a consequence, he ended up having stomach problems on the day of his field trip and soiled his pants on the bus. After that unforgettable incident, everyone in school started bullying him and calling him with insulting names.

Lee Kang Woo’s Vengeance

On further consultation with his psychiatrist, Kang Woo is advised to pursue a relationship with Seo Yeon. He was never in a relationship because he never found the perfect woman. But when he was in middle school, Seo Yeon was the epitome of perfection for him.

In an attempt to get close to Seo Yeon, Kang Woo also takes help from his friend Park Hyun Soo. Park Hyun Soo calls Kim Mi Kyung and asks her to bring a friend along. While Kang Woo joins in for their dinner date as a surprise. During the date, Kang Woo thinks that his good looks and charms are attracting Seo Yeon, but contrary to his beliefs, she is repulsed by him. Being overconfident, he blatantly asks her out only for her to think that he is a weirdo.

Further confusion arises when on seeing Seo Yeon with both her older brothers, he mistakes them to be her boyfriends. On the other hand, Seo Yeon sees Kang Woo and Hyun Soo together in a weird position at her brother’s gay bar and assumes that they are in a relationship.

On a visit to his cousin Lee Min Hyuk’s workplace, Kang Woo discovers that Seo Yeon works at the same school owned by his grandmother and takes up the position of the chief director of the school.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

The base of Love With Flaws is set strong and it can be capitalized upon for building an engaging plot. The initial episodes were very entertaining garnished with many comedic elements. The toilet humor is way too much to handle. After watching this drama, the thought that comes to mind when one sees a pigeon would never be the same again.

Lots of interesting characters spice up the story, be it the family members of the lead characters of their friends. How each of the characters progresses as the story goes on is something to be looked forward to. Other than that, there is a mysterious woman named Baek Jang Mi who looks like a homeless person, but has a bag full lot of money. Her agenda is still ambiguous and raises a lot of questions on how her role will impact the leads’ lives in the future.

Kang Woo’s interactions with his psychiatrist is extremely funny. The way he would barge at any time for consultation without prior appointment and just hand him the money to get his way is hilarious. Also Kang Woo being haunted by the visions of his psychiatrist at all the unearthly places where he goes reminding him to make peace with Seo Yeon will give a good dose of laughter.

How the hate-plus-revenge blossoms into love is highly anticipated. Meanwhile, an impending love triangle is set as Min Hyuk is already interested in Seo Yeon.

Love With Flaws airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 9PM KST.

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