K-Drama Premiere: “Meow, The Secret Boy” Brings Forth A Fluffy Story About A Woman’s Love-Hate Relationship With Cats

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A cute cat, who has the ability to transform into a human, finds refuge in a new home, but he must keep his secret.

A tooth-rotting fluff, an adorable pet, a magical secret and a healing romance – Meow, The Secret Boy is a package with them all. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the drama is about an unusual cat that has a secret and his appearance brings changes in his owner’s life.

Meow, The Secret Boy

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Taking the role of a cat who can turn to a human is Kim Myung Soo, who is equally adorable in both his forms. Shin Ye Eun plays the role of Sol Ah, the woman who adopts the cat unaware of its ability.

Premiere Week Recap

Kim Sol Ah is a graphic designer who aspires to be a webtoon artist. She harbors long-time crush towards Lee Jae Seon (Seo Ji Hoon). Even though he had been in relationships with other people, she has not gotten over him.

Adopting the cat and other adventures

Post break-up, Jae Seon’s ex-girlfriend returns her cat to him. Being allergic to cats, Jae Seon cannot keep it with him so he looks for someone who can look after the cat.

Seeing Jae Seon’s poor state, Sol Ah decides to keep the cat even though she hates them. Miraculously, the cat Sergei transforms into human and he is shocked to learn about his newly-discovered ability.

Meanwhile, at home Sol Ah’s father, Kim Soo Pyung, collapses but is saved by the human-cat, and taken to the hospital. There she meets her father’s fiancee, Bang Sil. Sol Ah finds out that Bang Sil is more aware about her father’s health condition than her. She is hurt that he never told her about his condition.

New house and life with the cat

Now that Kim Soo Pyung is moving away to the countryside along with Bang Sil, Sol Ah gets to stay at Bang Sil’s old house. Turns out that Sol Ah is now Jae Seon’s new next door neighbor.

Sergei’s transformation to a human being has a connection with Sol Ah. His first transformation occurred when he got in touch with Sol Ah and it repeated again after he met her.

On testing his abilities, he learns as long he is in close proximity of Sol Ah and her belongings, he can transform into a human. As Sol Ah becomes attached with the cat, she also gives it a new name Hong Jo.

Encounter with the human form of the cat

Hong Jo snoops around Jae Seon’s cafe due to his curiosity about what kind of person Jae Seon is since both of his owners have cried over him. However, he suddenly shifts to his cat form and moves to the cafe’s roof.

Seeing Hong Jo at the rooftop, Sol Ah thinks that he is in danger and climbs a ladder to rescue him. She accidentally trips and is caught by Hong Jo in his human form.

The next day she meets Hong Jo’s human form again and is taken aback with his weird behavior. At the same time, she notices that things at home are out of place.

Scared that someone might have broken in to her home, she calls Jae Seon. Finally, towards the end, the human Hong Jo appears raising many questions in Sol Ah and Jae Seon’s minds.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Often, pets become our best friends and they make our lonely lives better. The same can be said for Sol Ah’s relationship with Hong Jo which is quite endearing.

Though she acts like she does not care, yet she has grown attached to the cat. Sol Ah and Hong Jo both took care of each other when they were sick.

Meow, The Secret Boy

Her misadventures related to Jae Seon also add some humor to the story. Seo Ji Hoon has made audiences suffer from second lead syndrome in most of his works.

With his deep voice and mellow personality, he makes us crush on him even more. Sitting against the back of each other is Jae Seon and Sol Ah’s thing, and we cannot help but squeal during those moments.

The role of a magical cat, who is also a human, suits Kim Myung Soo very well. We don’t see him speak much in the premiere week and most of his speech is his inner monologue, but his presence is still overwhelming and it is impossible not to fall for his innocent charms.

We can look forward in the upcoming episodes on how Hong Jo’s appearance changes Sol Ah’s life and how long he can keep the secret.

Meow, The Secret Boy airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm KST on KBS2 TV.

Images and Video Credit: KBS2 TV

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