K-Drama Premiere: “When The Weather Is Fine” Caresses With A Sweet Romantic Story That Ushers Bright Feelings

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When The Weather Is Fine comprises of- a beautiful weather, hot coffee and some books that eases away all the fatigue

Sometimes people need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of their daily lives in order to feel the warmth they craved. When The Weather Is Fine is about finding the warmth that heals the heart’s pain. Headlined by Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon, the drama focuses on life’s realities and a lot of heartwarming moments can be expected.

When The Weather Is Fine

Park Min Young plays Mok Hae Won, a woman with a cold heart. On the other hand, Seo Kang Joon takes on the role of Im Eun Seop, a man who seeks to melt Mok Hae Won’s sadness and bring happiness to her life.

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The story narrates the journey of finding happiness through love. After being hurt by many people close to her, Mok Hae Won has shut herself from getting close to people.

A bad experience with her job in Seoul, leads her to return back to her hometown – Bookhyun, in the countryside.

When The Weather Is Fine

Im Eun Seop is a young man who is Hae Won’s old school classmate as well as her neighbor. He runs a small book store called Good Night Book Store in Bookhyun. Mok Hae Won’s return suddenly causes a lot of change in his daily monotonous life.

Premiere Week Recap

Mok Hae Won’s Return

With a large suitcase in hand, Mok Hae Won sets on her path to go towards her house. Watching her from a close distance with unwavering eyes is Im Eun Seop who seems curious about her return.

Mok Hae Won’s only relative at Bookhyun village is her aunt, Shim Myung Yeo (Moon Jeong Hee) who once used to be a famous book-selling author. Inquiring about her return, Myung Yeo asks Hae Won about her length of stay. Hae Won intends to stay longer and a flashback shows that she had been unhappy with her work as a cello teacher in Seoul.

Im Eun Seop’s Crush

Hae Won runs into Eun Seop and they have a brief conversation. It is revealed that he harbors a crush on Hae Won and he writes about her in his diary blog where he refers to her as Irene.

The scene from the past shows that the two had been classmates during their high school days and Eun Seop has always observed her. Due to her inability to sleep, Hae Won keeps frequenting Eun Seop’s book shop.

During one of those days, she ends up tagging along with him to their school’s reunion. In the reunion meeting, everyone teases Lee Jang Woo (Lee Jae Wook) about his crush on a classmate.

To divert the attention from himself, Jang Woo shifts the focus to Eun Seop enquiring about his crush. As everyone keeps pestering, Eun Seop yells out Hae Won’s name. It becomes very awkward between the two so Eun Seop lies that what he felt was in the past and he does not feel the same anymore.

Mok Hae Won’s Part-time job

With no plans of returning back to Seoul, Hae Won looks forward to taking care of her aunt’s guest house business. However, her intentions to keep the lodging business thriving is put a close when her aunt reveals that she had already closed the business.

Having felt the need to earn an income she thinks about her options. But, since there is no scope for teaching cello or piano in Bookhyun, there is not much she could do.

One thing led to another and she lands in Eun Seop’s book store as a part-timer. As she starts working, she notices Eun Seop’s charms as well as his kind heart.

Kim Bo Yeong: a hurtful memory from the past

While Hae Won works at the store, Lee Jang Woo pays a visit. He mentions a classmate called Kim Bo Yeong (Im Se Mi) who used to be Hae Won’s close friend in school. Apparently, Bo Yeong wants to meet Hae Won to clear up a misunderstanding. That stirs Hae Won up and she seems displeased.

Kim Bo Yeong was the first person to approach Hae Won when she transferred to their school from Seoul. They became close easily. But, it ended fast when Hae Won overheard a group of girls talking about her. The girls were curious about Hae Won’s parents as she lived with her grandmother and aunt.

One of the girls commented that it’s because Hae Won’s mother is a murderer. She also stated that she has heard it from Kim Bo Yeong. After hearing this, Hae Won felt betrayed and hurt.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Some dramas are just meant to make the audience feel warm and cozy as if wrapped up by a warm blanket. When The Weather Is Fine has that kind of affect. The pace at which the narrative runs, the scenic beauty of the location and the wonderfully captured Winter season gives off a comfortable feeling.

So far all the characters that have been introduced exude their own charms. Seo Kang Hoon as Im Eun Seop is extremely adorable as he gets flustered around Hae Won.

While Park Min Young as Mok Hae Won immerses herself deeply in the various string of emotions her character is going through. Though he has not had that much screentime, Lee Jae Wook still draws attention as Lee Jang Woo who is a cheerful friend of the main leads.

Judging from the first two episodes, it looks like the romance is going to be a slow-burn and will progress at an unhurried pace. Still, this is a feel-good drama and it also highlights the good points of living in the country side.

The diary log entries made by Eun Seop about Irene is extremely sweet and heart touching. Also, the book club members look promising and hopefully, Hae Won can find happiness through them.

When The Weather Is Fine airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21.30 KST via jTBC.

Images and Video Credit: JTBC