K-Drama Review: “My Absolute Boyfriend” Gives A Lesson On What True Love Really Is

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Filled with endless romance and comedy, My Absolute Boyfriend is a story about the quest on learning how to love selflessly.

Based on the Japanese drama and manga series of the same name, My Absolute Boyfriend is about a humanoid robot that has got all the perfect attributes. The cast includes Yeo Jin Goo, Bang Min Ah and Hong Jong Hyun who have all showcased their acting prowess in popular dramas in the past.

Yeo Jin Goo takes on the role of the Zero Nine/ Young Gu, an android robot while Bang Mi Nah portrays Eom Da Da, a make-up artist who become’s Zero Nine’s girlfriend. Completing the main cast is Hong Jong Hyun who plays Ma Wang Joon, a famous actor and Eom Da Da’s ex-boyfriend.

Even though the drama was adapted from a popular manga series, it didn’t appeal much to the audience and hit the lowest ratings for an SBS drama.


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Title: My Absolute Boyfriend
Network: SBS
Theme: Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction
Length: 40 Episodes
Broadcast Date: May 15 to July 11
Main Leads: Yeo Jin Goo, Bang Min Ah, Hong Jong Hyun
Highlights: The Love Triangle, Comedic Moments, Riveting Characters
Drawback: Lack Of Depth In The Plot
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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My Absolute Boyfriend Quick Plot Summary

Eom Da Da is a special effects make-up artist who is in a secret relationship with a famous actor, Ma Wang Joon. An occurrence of certain events causes her to lose her belief in love and she breaks up with him. While still heart-broken, she encounters Zero Nine who is a robot built for the sole purpose of giving love and have unwavering loyalty towards his owner.

Eom Da Da’s accidental kiss with Zero Nine activates his system and he identifies her as his fated girlfriend. Zero Nine starts living with Eom Da Da and she gives him a new name, Young Gu. Young Gu’s emotional feelings for Da Da develops further and he gets involved in a love triangle, fighting for her affections against Wang Joon.

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My Absolute Boyfriend


The Love Triangle

Because he is not human, Young Gu has a certain childlike innocence that makes the audience root for him. Him coming to save Eom Da Da every time she’s in trouble and declaring his undying love is endearing to watch. Later on, Da Da too, starts caring for him and when Diana takes him away from her, she fights for him. The great thing about their relationship is Da Da never addressed him as a human or robot. She loved him for being him. Also, Young Gu grew much beyond what he was programmed to do and loved Da Da selflessly.

My Absolute Boyfriend

On the other hand, Ma Wang Joon has a unique charm and he too has a lot to offer in different ways. Wang Joon and Da Da has a lot of history together, having a relationship that lasted for seven years. They have been through all the difficult times together and understand each other so well. It was heart-breaking to watch Wang Joon getting hurt because of his feelings for Da Da and being unable to move on.

With two amazing male leads fighting for the attention of the female lead, one cannot help but get swayed by both the sides.

Comedic Moments

The drama blends the story with a mix of romance and comedy. There are lots of funny and hilarious moments acting as fillers to the plot. In the beginning of the series, Young Gu made everything seem funny because of his weird outfit selection and his weird way of doing things.

The supporting characters too add a lot of comedic relief of the story. Na Bo Won has the highest share of comedic actions and his  encounters with Wang Joon’s manager, Yeo Woong are always funny. Also, no matter how cruel, Diana too adds to the comedy with her snarky and witty remarks.

My Absolute Boyfriend

Riveting Characters

Each of the characters whether positive and negative are likable and entertaining. In terms of character development, Wang Joon grew the most out of the lot. He had his share of wrongs initially when he labelled Da Da as his stalker and also not giving his all into his relationship. He only realized what he had lost after it was gone but he progressed considerably after that.

The most interesting character would be Diana. She started out as a spoiled heiress who entertains herself by doing ruthless and cruel things to others. Even though she is evil, she manages to engross the audience in all of her scenes. Her tantrums are quite unpredictable and also her methods for punishing people.

My Absolute Boyfriend

Nam Bo Won is likable too especially because of his affection towards Young Gu and treating him like a real brother. He even went through the lengths of smuggling Young Gu from his employers because he didn’t want him to be owned by an irresponsible owner like Diana.



Lack Of Depth In The Plot

One of the reasons why the drama failed to draw in more audience is because the plot lacks substance. The plot, though cute, is very cliched and the creators did not make much effort in adding depth to the story-line. It is understandable that the focus of the drama was on love and romance, however, they focused only on that which makes the story bland and boring. The drama had the potential to provide a better narrative but failed to do so.


A fluffy romance, My Absolute Boyfriend proceeds to show that love can indeed be a beautiful thing. The story began with the female lead feeling that love does not exist as she grew out of love. However, she moves on to realize that true and everlasting love actually exists.

What is great about the story was that it depicts the overwhelming effect of love. A machine that was programmed to only be reset easily overwrites that program because of love. This was something explainable for any of his creators. What was notable about the drama was that it really highlighted that true love goes beyond limitless boundaries.

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