K-Drama Script Reading Session: “River Where the Moon Rises” Starring Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon & More

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KBS2 TV unveils photos of the first script reading session for its upcoming historical drama!

Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo led the cast members, as they gather for the first table script read of the romantic historical drama River Where the Moon Rises.

River Where the Moon Rises

River Where the Moon Rises is a fusion historical romance drama that traverses the story of Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) and Ondal (Ji Soo) a commoner-turned-general. The series is adapted from the famous Goguryeo folk tale, which chronicles the love tale of two young people who did not succumb to their intertwined cruel fate.

At the recent script reading site, Director Yoon Sang Ho, including the casts, Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Beop Rae, Wang Bit Na, Lee Hae Young, and Han Jae Young, gathered together to create a grand historical drama.


Kim So Hyun will sketch two characters as she portrays both the role of Princess Pyeonggang and warrior Yeom Ga Jin, who are the same person but with completely different social statuses and personalities.

The actress is expected to switch alternating roles as the cold-hearted and cruel soldier Yeom Ga Jin and the strong and intelligent Princess Pyeonggang.

Ji Soo portrays On Dal, a man born with the blood of a general, but broke down into On Dal, a peace-loving leader who loved everything in the world.

River Where the Moon Rises

Lee Ji Hoon portrays Go Geon, Goguryeo’s elite general who is at the center of a political battle. Kim Beop Rae plays King Pyeongwon of Goguryeo, and Lee Hae Young as Go Won Pyo, the most influential member in the royal family of Goguryeo.

Under the direction of Director Yoon Sang Ho, they all completed the perfect table reading by embodying the characters in the script.

The drama’s production team shared, “The script reading site was full of energy as if we were in the actual filming site. Just by listening to the actors’ line, Goguryeo from 1,500 years ago was vividly portrayed. Please look forward to the official broadcast of River Where the Moon Rises and see what kind of synergy the passionate actors will create.”

River Where the Moon Rises will premiere in February.

Take a sneak peek of their epic love story through the official trailer below:


Image Credits: KBS 2TV

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