K-Drama Sneak-Peek: “Birthcare Center” Encapsulates The Challenging Yet Blissful Journey To Motherhood

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In an inspiring and informative narrative, Birthcare Center affirms the travails and triumphs a woman goes through as she enters the significant phase of motherhood.

Nurturing a child is not just a skill but rather an art that requires a laborious expression of unconditional parental love. And experience being the best teacher resonates well in this aspect of life.

Birthcare Center

tvN’s upcoming primetime offering, Birthcare Center, features motherhood and friendship as its main themes. It will demonstrate a woman’s struggles as she embraces the role of being a mother.

Plot Overview

Set in an exclusive post-natal care center, the story follows the motherhood journey of Oh Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won). Hyun Jin has a thriving professional career. Hailed as the youngest executive in a huge conglomerate, she is the know-how of a successful woman in the corporate world. And because she spent so much attention to build her career, Hyun Jin only gets pregnant later in her life.

Birthcare Center

Shortly after giving birth, she stays in a birth care center to receive a postpartum care. The exclusive facility only caters to high-profile women. There she meets fellow mothers who are also nursing their newborns.

However, she is surprised to know that she is the oldest lady in the center. And to make things more uncomfortable for her, she seems to be the most inexperienced among everyone.

Birthcare Center

Hyun Jin realizes that motherhood is a whole different world which means she has to start from scratch. Her professional status and corporate expertise take a backseat as she tries to learn the ropes of raising a child.

Birthcare Center

Fortunately, experienced mothers are more than willing to lend her a helping hand on how to raise her baby. One of them is Cho Eun Jung (Park Ha Sun). Her expertise has earned her the moniker of “Queen Bee” of the post-natal care center.

Birthcare Center

As they take the same path, Hyun Jin and all the mothers in the birth care center will develop a close bond as they embrace the challenging yet blissful world of motherhood.

Character Sketches

Oh Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won)

Birthcare Center

With a glittering career, Hyun Jin is considered as an ace in the corporate world. She is the youngest member of the board of executives at her work.

At her age of 45, motherhood is still a novelty concept to her. As a first time parent, she is naive to some basic maternal means which makes her insecure and embarrassed with other experienced mothers.

Cho Eun Jung (Park Ha Sun)

Birthcare Center

Known as the “Queen Bee” of the birth care center, Eun Jung has gracefully adapted to her role as a mother. Despite younger than most of her fellow mothers, her childcare ways will serve as their guide.

Choi Hye Suk (Jang Hye Jin)

Birthcare Center

She is the charismatic post-natal center’s director. With her age and experience, she is considered as the president of the group of mothers in the facility. She is therefore a trusted figure in the matters of providing childcare.

Kim Do Yoon (Yoon Park)

Birthcare Center

Do Yoon is Hyun Jin’s husband who is way younger than her. He works as the CEO of a promising start-up company that specializes in app developments.
His unconditional love and support for his wife will be crucial as Hyun Jin immerses herself into the world of motherhood.

The Creative Team

Spearheading Birthcare Center’s production team is director Park Soo Won whose works include Big Forest. He worked alongside screenwriter Kim Ji Soo who also penned In Still Green Days.

The eight-episode mini-series was originally scheduled to premier last August. The drama, however, was pushed back to air in November.

Taking the Monday-Tuesday slot, Birthcare Center will premiere on November 2 via tvN.

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